To create and implement programmes of social importance aimed at the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of people of all generations. We are prepared to risk and try out new approaches to solving social problems with our associates and partners. We are working for the present and future of the country, and counting on our activities to produce long-term results.

Values and principles of our work

• Honesty and responsibility. We recognise our personal responsibility for what the Foundation does.

Х Openness. Our work is transparent and we are always willing to work with others.

Х Strategic approach. We are working for the long term.

Х Reliance on knowledge. We work with the best experts.

Х Respect for human dignity. We are convinced that the greatest human right is the right to physical and psychological well-being.

Х Faith in human potential. We believe that everyone is capable of more, regardless of age or social status.

Х Ethics. We believe in family values, compassion and bonds between generations.

Х Courage. We are open to new ideas. †