An active ageing population is one of the key signs of a country’s sociological and psychological well-being, as well as its economic prosperity. According to Russias Ministry of Labour and Social Security, one in eight Russians are currently over 65 years of age and this figure will continue to grow. We need to understand that the quality of our lives in old age may depend upon how we treat old people now.

"A developed society is inconceivable if its members have no dignity in their old age. This means high-quality medical care, a rich leisure-time and the opportunity for each person to feel a fully fledged citizen, regardless of when he or she was born. It is our Foundations aim to change attitudes towards older people in Russia and make their life more meaningful.".

Elena Timchenko


Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive solution to the problems of ageing and help the elderly develop an active lifestyle. The "Society for the Older Generation" programme is designed to attain systemic improvements in the services dealing with the social, medical and psychological well-being of the elderly.

Main Tasks

· To change public attitudes to the older generation through awareness-raising activities and training;

To support the infrastructure of the NGO and social sectors;

To create a comfortable environment which can provide citizens of all ages with equal access to social and medical services;

To provide financial and specialist support to civil initiatives;

To develop our own social programmes and projects, using the best Russian and global practices;

To strengthen partnership mechanisms between government and the private sector in Russias regions.


The Garant Centre for Social Technologies in Arkhangelsk, the Partnership of Local Community Charities in Ivanovo Region, the Novoe Obrazovanie Non-Profit Foundation, the Dobryi Gorod Peterburg Foundation and the Serebrannyi Vozrast Interregional Resource Centre.


Leningrad Region, Arkhangelsk Region, Ivanovo Region, the Republic of Karelia and the City of St. Petersburg.


  • 09 october 2013

    First National Conference on Ageing opens in Moscow

  • 07 october 2013

    Mass media may apply for accreditation to the First National Conference on an Active Life in Old Age

  • 04 october 2013

    Finalists of the Active Life in Old Age social advertisement competition announced.