The Foundation supports civil initiatives to improve the lives of the elderly, drawing public attention to older people’s potential. The Active Generation Grant Competition helps create the conditions for senior citizens to adjust socially and fulfil themselves; encourages the elderly to participate in the life of their local community; and helps strengthen the bonds between generations.

Funding priorities

· To increase older Russians understanding of the law and provide them with legal protection and assistance;

To develop mass sport and physical exercise, promote healthy lifestyles, support preventive care and protect the health of senior citizens;

To help older people adapt socially and professionally, including providing them with special education programmes;

To develop entrepreneurial skills amongst the elderly;

To strengthen the institution of the family through the revival of family values and traditions;

To involve the older generation in the professional, spiritual and physical education of children and young people;

To develop a new consciousness in society, by which retirement is seen as a stimulus for further discovery of ones inner potential.


The Garant Centre for Social Technologies in Arkhangelsk, the Partnership of Local Community Charities in Ivanovo Region, the Novoe Obrazovanie Non-Profit Foundation, the Dobryi Gorod Peterburg Foundation and the Serebrannyi Vozrast Interregional Resource Centre.


Leningrad Region, Arkhangelsk Region, Ivanovo Region, the Republic of Karelia and the City of St. Petersburg.