Russian culture has always distinguished itself by its amazing ability to absorb the very best of world culture, whilst at the same time maintaining its own identity and spirit. We are helping to preserve and enrich our precious heritage in order to hand it on to the next generation. It is also important to introduce Russian culture to the world and acquaint Russians with the finest examples of foreign art.

"Our family highly values the national traditions, as well as the cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage of our country. We support culture, because we believe that history and art represent not just Russia’s past, but also its future."

Elena Timchenko


Preserving Russias cultural and historical heritage as a major national asset.

Main Tasks

· To preserve and restore Russias cultural monuments and history;

To develop international cultural exchange to maintain the status of Russias classical and modern culture abroad, and to acquaint Russians with the very best of world art;;

To make Russian art more accessible to audiences abroad and generate more foreign interest in it;

To promote culture in Russias regions


St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, Switzerland and France.

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  • 16 october 2017

    Organizations identified for second-year support as part of Cultural Mosaic: Affiliate Network competition.

  • 12 october 2017

    Russia's small communities: great opportunities and unlimited growth potential

  • 26 september 2017

    Moscow to host open discussion over the future of Russian towns and villages