Sport is one of the Foundation’s strategic focus areas. Since 2012, we have been running charitable programmes to support ice hockey and chess. These programmes are providing children, including those with disabilities, greater access to sport.

"We believe that children should be able to play ice hockey or football in the street. The development of physical education has become one of Russias national priorities. And that is great! We are supporting childrens mass participation sports, because we are firmly convinced that we are contributing to the health and prosperity of the nation."

Gennady Timchenko


Sport should become more widespread. The more time children spend on ice rinks and in chess clubs, the healthier, cleverer and stronger Russia will become.

Main Tasks

· Addressing the shortage of qualified coaching staff by developing training programmes and upgrading the skills of experienced and novice coaches;

Enhancing the prestige attached to the profession of a childrens trainer in the minds of Russians;

Organising childrens ice hockey and chess tournaments in order to maintain the younger generations interest in sport;

The construction and regeneration of outdoor ice hockey rinks in local courtyards;

Providing children's courtyard ice hockey teams with the necessary equipment, which is beyond the reach of many due to the high cost;

Developing sledge hockey in Russia.


The Russian Chess Federation, the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Leningrad Region Ice Hockey Federation, SKA Ice Hockey Club, the Zolotaya Shaiba Young Ice Hockey Players Club, the P. F. Lesgaft National State University, Akademiya Khokkeya, The Moscow Sledge Hockey Federation and the Continental Ice Hockey League.


Moscow Region, Leningrad Region, Cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.



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