Despite originating in Canada, ice hockey has always been considered a traditional Russian game. The Foundation’s founders, who are keen ice hockey fans and devotees, have included a programme to develop ice-based sports for children in its portfolio of strategic initiatives. They have taken this step, because playing ice hockey is not only about the ability to handle a stick and puck: one needs to have discipline and perseverance, focus on the result, display teamwork and support ones team-mates - qualities which todays young children and teenagers in Russia sometimes lack.

"We wish to see an active and healthy younger generation and, therefore, are making great efforts to develop mass participation sports for children. The Foundation is helping develop childrens ice skating by: holding ice hockey tournaments; organising training programmes for coaches of courtyard ice hockey teams and sports schools; and promoting ice hockey to boost its popularity."

Elena Timchenko


We aim to create the right kind of conditions for ice hockey to develop and become more popular in Russia. We are trying to make this unique sport accessible to all children.

Main Tasks

· Organising ice hockey tournaments;

Identification, selection and support of talented young players;

Upgrading the professional qualifications of experienced and novice coaches;

The construction and regeneration of ice hockey rinks in local courtyards;

Providing childrens courtyard ice hockey teams with necessary equipment;

Developing sledge hockey in Russia (ice hockey for the disabled).