Competitions and grants




Children’s sport is quite expensive today in Russia and many parents cannot afford the cost. With this in mind, the Timchenko Foundation holds funding competitions through its grant programme and helps childrens teams acquire kit for talented children from low-income families. We also support initiatives on a competitive basis from NGOs, teachers and coaches who want and know how to increase mass participation in ice hockey.

The Dobryi Led Grant Competition for Projects Aiming to Develop Childrens Ice Hockey in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The grant competition is run by Akademiya Khokkeya with the participation of the Timchenko Foundation. It serves as a serious incentive for young children and teenagers to train and lead a healthy lifestyle, and for their mentors it serves as a real opportunity to upgrade qualifications, improve their teams kit and improve the infrastructure of sport in the region.


The grant competition is directed at supporting initiatives to develop childrens ice hockey in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Main Tasks

· To bring public attention to the problems of childrens sport;

To create the conditions for childrens ice hockey to develop;

To support initiatives by coaching and teaching staff in sports schools and educational institutions, and by coaches of courtyard ice hockey teams.

The following may take part in the competitions: NGOs with experience of working in sport and/or education; local community self-government bodies; and civil action groups. The competition has three basic categories of focus area: “Courtyard Ice Hockey Team”, Childrens School and Team at an Educational Institution.