Dobryi led/Sledge hockey


The Dobryi Led charitable programme is aimed at supporting ice-based sports for children. It started in 2012 and is now being implemented as a pilot project in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. The key tasks and values of the programme are to develop the physical abilities of young children and teenagers, and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Dobryi Led programme involves tournaments and competitions for coaches and courtyard ice hockey teams, as well as grant-funded training programmes for children’s coaches run jointly by the Foundation and the P. F. Lesgaft Institute.



In 2007, the Russian Presidential Council on the Development of Sport and Physical Education decided to develop sledge hockey as a new type of paralympic sport in Russia. However, even now it remains a complete novelty to most people. The Timchenko Foundation started supporting the sport in 2013. We aim to increase the number of adult teams in the country and create the first children’s national team. Its future players are currently training at the paralympic training facility in Aleksin (Tula Region), where professional trainers and experienced doctors work with them, teaching the children on a daily basis to enjoy the thrill of competing and inculcating their parents with confidence in success.