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The Foundation runs its own programmes and funds other organisations’ programmes through awarding grants. The charitable programmes and projects we develop and implement ourselves focus on four strategic areas: the Older Generation, Sport, Culture, and Family and Children. We work in partnership with expert organisations and support their proposals, holding open grant competitions in the regions where we operate.

Open Grant Competitions

With the help of our regional partners, we hold open grant competitions on topics which correspond with our main focus areas. All kinds of organisation may apply for a grant, ranging from civil action groups to governmental bodies. Open grant competitions are held in regions where the Foundation operates.

Non-Competitive Funding

Applicants for non-competitive funding may submit proposals which correspond with the Foundations focus areas: Older Generation, Sport, Culture, and Family and Children. Applications are processed in line with the following procedure:

1. The applicant sends the Foundation a letter with a brief description of its idea, indicating the proposed cost of the project;
2. If the idea outlined in the letter is accepted, the applicant submits a full application;
3. The Foundations staff make comments and, if necessary, propose changes to the budget or the way the project should be implemented;
4. The Foundation decides whether or not to provide funding.

The Foundation does not respond to every letter, but only to those which meet the aims and objectives of the Foundations programmes.

PLEASE NOTE that the Foundation offers support: in accordance with the aims stated in its Constitution; as part of its charitable programmes; and in line with the funding procedures prescribed by the programmes. The Foundation reserves the right not to consider or respond to requests, which meet neither the Foundations objectives, nor the conditions of programmes and projects approved by the Foundation.