Competitions and Grants

Active Generation Competition

Solicitation of entries 18 April – 23 May 2018


The Active Generation competition has been held since 2012 in two categories: Every Drop Counts and Expert Solutions.  The first one is designed to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in local communities through private and corporate initiatives, as well as through social engagement of senior citizens themselves. The second one, to develop, promote and disseminate sustainable models enabling a comprehensive approach to the quality of senior life, as well as local community growth driven by the elderly.
In 2017, the Active Generation competition was won by 248 projects. The total funding allocated for their support was 22.9 mln roubles. The initiatives provided for social and professional integration of the elderly, teaching of business skills, building of generation bridges, revival and promotion of family values and traditions, as well as the introduction of new social services for the elderly in towns and rural areas.

Purpose of the competition

  • Identification and support of local community leaders willing to propose and implement initiatives for the good of the elderly
  • Improving the quality, availability, accessibility and affordability of social services, creating a favourable environment for senior citizens to live, socialize and self-realize
  • Support for senior engagement and enabling the elderly to unlock their potential to grow the local government and address the issues of the local community
  • Promoting a positive public view of the elderly, enabling the full use of their potential as a major driver of societal development

 Areas of focus

  • Social and professional integration, including education and retraining of the elderly, enabling them to use their new knowledge, the promotion of volunteering and the teaching of business skills to senior citizens
  • Strengthening the links and contacts between generations, involving the elderly in the vocational, spiritual and physical education of children and young people, revival and promotion of family values and traditions
  • Promotion of social innovations and initiatives aimed at improving the quality [of life] of disadvantaged elderly people.

Competition stages

Solicitation of entries

18 April – 23 May 2018

Funding cap

For legal entities and local councils, at 150 thou. rbl.

For action groups, at 25 thou. rbl.


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Contact persons for competition-related questions:

Vadim Samorodov,

Bozhana Gomer,