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All-Russian competition «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages»

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The contest was launched for the first time in February 2014. In 2015, the marathon of sociocultural projects continued. The contest showed that small towns and villages are rich in ideas and people ready to change the world around them. During the existence of the «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages», 233 initiatives received support.

The project participants receive not only grant support, but also the opportunity to receive training and internships, to avail themselves of the consulting support of leading experts of the country. All the stages of support mutually complement each other, so that each new stage is logically connected with the previous one. Thus, participants have the opportunity to systematically accumulate knowledge and competencies that will enable them to make a qualitative leap in their work on projects. In addition, this leads to the formation of an expert community and infrastructure in the regions.

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