1 March 2017

February tournaments

The end of February saw children's ice hockey tournament take place around Moscow and in Karelia with support from the Timchenko Foundation.

The long weekend in February traditionally centred on Defender of the Fatherland Day provided an excellent opportunity to hold ice hockey events both outdoors and indoors. On the last weekend of February, the affiliates of the Timchenko Foundation's Good Ice programme held three ice hockey events. 26 February the town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo in Moscow Oblast hosted a children's hockey tournament for prizes from World and European Champion Alexander Volchkov for 2006-2008 born teams. The grand prize was contested by four teams from Moscow Oblast: Berkhaus, town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo; Luch [Ray/Beam], Sergiyevo-Posadsky Raion; Noginsk, Noginsky Raion; Tigry [Tigers], Pavlovo-Posadsky Raion. The tournament was won by Berkhaus, whose hockey players were victorious in all three matches. The silver went to Ray, who were only bested by the tournament winner. Third place was in the balance between Noginsk and Tigers, who went toe to toe. The predators were bested in a penalty shoot-out and found themselves at the bottom of the tournament bracket. Prizes were also awarded in the following categories. These are: Best defender of the tournament Ivan Kaprev: KFK [amateur sports team (AST)] Noginsk; Best goalkeeper of the tournament: Georgy Katsevalov, Tsentr Luch [Ray Centre] AST; Best striker of the tournament: Dmitry Fedyakov, Tigers AST; Top scorer of the tournament: Semyon Soshnikov, Berkhaus AST; Audience award: Yekaterina Berkausova, Berkhaus AST; Best coach of the tournament: Marat Sabirov, Berkhaus AST. The tournament was organized by the Sports Veterans foundation The Republic of Karelia hosted two ice hockey tournaments on Defender of the Fatherland Day - in the townships of Shuya and Pryazha. Shuya hosted a family hockey festival called I Love Mum, Dad and Hockey. The teams were divided into four divisions: two for families and two for children, with boys and girls playing in mixed teams. In family division 1, the teams were placed as follows: 3rd place: team No 3 (Ivan Savoskin, Oleg Savoskin, Nikolai Sudarikov) 2nd place: team No 4 (Sergey Merkulov, Mikhail Merkulov, Yaroslav Kuzmin) 1st place: team No 1 (Denis Besov, Sergey Besov, Daniil Besov) Family division 2: 3rd place was claimed by team No 6 (Roman Antoshin, Maksim Antoshin, Timofei Kanavin); 2nd place by team No 9 (Ilya Babyak, Svetlana Babyak, Oleg Sereda); and the victory went to team No 7 (Ruslan Terichev, Daria Bychkova, Vladislav Storozhev). In children's division 1, the bronze went to team No 12 (Sofia Nesterova, Alina Fomichenko, Timofei Nesterov), the silver to team No 11 (Savely Padalka, Timofei Solodov, Ilya Motovnikov), first place to team number 13: Matvey Fyodorov, Elnur Mustafayev and Artyom Sergeyenkov. In children's division 2, the lowest step on the pedestal was taken by team No 15 (Andrey Loktionov, Ivan Lazarev, Denis Sidorov), second place by team No 14 (Mikhail Markov, Artyom Matyukhin, Roman Kartyshev), the victory went to team No 16 (Anna Kuzhim, Grigory Kuzhim, Maksim Yurgin). The tournament winners and runners-up were awarded prizes and gifts from the Timchenko Foundation and the Good Ice programme. A special prize, For the Will to Win, was conferred on Miron Karpovich; the audience award was given to Anna Kuzhim. The Sidorovichs were named the No 1 sporting family of the festival and received a special gift. With the involvement of the Hockey Museum (Moscow), there were printed hockey-related retro posters for the festival, and the winners in the divisions and two awardees in individual categories received gift certificates for a group museum tour. Pryazha hosted a children's ice hockey tournament in as many as three age groups at once: 2005, 2007 and 2009 year born. The tournament was entered by the Tsentr [Centre] and Gora [Mountain] teams from Pryazha, who were joined by young hockey players from SK [Sports Club (SC)] Medved [Bear], Medvezhegorsk, and Puls-2009, Petrozavodsk, and the Sparta and Puls-2007 2007 born teams from the republic's capital. The tournament's opening match featured the Pryazha teams, whose players were still new at this wonderful game. Three periods were filled with a pitched, close-contact battle, with a total commitment to victory, but the puck crossed the goal line only once. Gora's forward Daniil Kornilov won the match for his team with a perfect shot. In the match between Puls-2009 and Medved SC the struggle took place mostly in the Medvezhegorskians' zone, with the game showing the Petrozavodskians' superior experience and training, which translated into the match's final score of 16-0 a confident win for the metropolitan team. In the final meeting of the tournament, Petrozavodsk's Sparta and Puls-2007 demonstrated competent hockey for their age group. Having lost a goal in the second period, Puls kept attacking the rival's goal, to which Sparta responded with aggressive counter-attacks. The young goalkeepers of both teams, however, bested the forwards of their opponents time and time again. The final whistle blew with the score unchanged. Sparta had to work hard to achieve a nominal victory. Based on the results of the tournament, the organizing committee and the coaches of the contestant teams identified the best players of the tournament in six categories. Named as the best were: - Daniil Kalinin (Sparta), best goalkeeper; - Yaromir Smirnov (Puls-2009), top scorer; - Denis Deshin (Pryazha), best striker; - Sergey Khvorov (Puls-2007), best defender; - Matvey Shadrin (Medved SC), audience award; - Daniil Kirikov (Pryazha), hope of hockey.

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