8 September 2017

Their ice hockey story is already in

Their ice hockey story is already in

1 September, Knowledge Day, was the deadline for entries to the second annual Tell Us About Hockey writing competition, sponsored jointly by the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. This year the competition received 14 entries.

As last year, the competition had four categories, encompassing the entire spectrum of richness and variety of literary genres and art forms: from lyrical poems to rigorous research findings and guidelines.

Coach's Library: research, learning and teaching guidelines, analytics and statistics, reference and encyclopaedic sources.

Х Ice Hockey Professions: research, learning and teaching guidelines, analytics, reference and encyclopaedic sources for various hockey professionals such as referees, physicians, masseurs, nutritionists, managers, psychologists, spokespersons etc.

Х Ice Hockey Stories and Anecdotes: historical researches, biographies and memoirs, essays, fiction and nonfiction.

Х My Ambition Is to Be a Hockey Player: colouring books, fairy tales, short stories, novellas, comic books and other works of fiction that use a light and/or engaging form to tell about the history of hockey and the rules of the game and encourage taking up sports and specifically ice hockey and that target preschoolers and school children.

The My Ambition Is to Be a Hockey Player category proved to be a hit. It received 9 entries. Another 4 contributions will be judged in the Ice Hockey Stories and Anecdotes category. Coach's Library with but a single entry brought up this symbolic troika.

It should be stressed in particular that the competition's geographical representation is not limited to capitals. Entries were sent in not only from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also from Siberia, the Urals, the Volga basin, Stavropol Krai and even from neighbouring countries.

The competition winners will be officially named 15 September.

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