4 September 2017

Timchenko Foundation to hold extra round of Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition

Timchenko Foundation to hold extra round of Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition

Between 5 and 25 September 2017, childhood protection NGOs and non-profits interested in learning new practices and procedures can take part in an additional round of the Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition

The Family and Children programme of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko holds competitions to award incentives for practices and procedures developed by provincial childhood protection non-profits and professionals and associations of parents and foster families that have a proven track record.

This year, the primary Focus on the Family competition was joined by 20 organizations from 16 states in Russia, 7 of which were named winners. They will do on-site or distance placements in the following areas: assistance during boarding school and adulthood preparation for post-institutionalized orphans (under 23 years of age) and parentless children, prevention of social orphanhood through biological family management, as well as fostering of difficult children and support for families fostering such children. The winners will learn the most effective practices in their chosen area of focus in orphanhood prevention and placement of orphaned children, useful study placements with lots of opportunities, workshops, webinars and networking meetings.

We understand that our competition has set a high bar for childhood organizations and professionals,” said Elvira Garifulina, head of the Family and Children programme at the Timchenko Foundation. But this enables us to find really interesting and viable ideas, programmes and projects. We want to give as many professionals as possible a chance to learn these practices and use them in their activities. It all benefits the children. That is why we decided to hold an additional round of the Focus on the Family competition this year and increase the number of those who will be able to do a placement in the states that have something to offer.

The Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition makes it possible for committed institutions and organizations to learn and adopt best practices. The competition winners review the tried-and-true solutions of sectoral resource centres – training providers in order to implement them and enable many more children to live and be raised in families. Placement training is provided by the corporate winners of the Family Fairway All-Russian Competition, also run by the Timchenko Foundation. These are non-profits whose practices and procedures have been shown to deliver and experts are willing to share their solutions with colleagues, helping them implement those back home. The Timchenko Foundation sponsors and advises 46 training providers across the nation.

In 2018 the Competition Panel will evaluate the deliverables of the projects that will win the Focus on the Family competition and will then decide whether to support them on round two and provide funding for another 2 years of project life.

At the stage of entry acceptance, the organizer advises the entrants. The competition winners will be named 6 October 2017, and between 1 November and 15 December the organizations will be able to run their projects to investigate and implement new practices and procedures.

All official information about the Competition is available:

on the page of the online system for entry acceptance and evaluation at,
on the website of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko (
on the website of the Klyuch [Key] Charitable Foundation (

Competition Coordinators for all aspects of the Competition:

Olga Bortsova, tel. 8 (812) 777-03-57, +7 (921) 413-83-81,
Marina Nesterova, tel. 8 (812) 777-03-57, +7 (921) 183-15-35,

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