29 November 2017

Grand finals of Russian chess championships to start at the National Museum of Russia's Political History in St. Petersburg on 2 December

Grand finals of Russian chess championships to start at the National Museum of Russia's Political History in St. Petersburg on 2 December

The Grand Finals of the 70th Russian championship for men and the 67th Russian championship for women will take place at the National Museum of Russia's Political History (2-4 Kuibyshev St., St. Petersburg) between 2 and 15 December.

It is organized by the Russian Chess Federation, the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, the National Museum of Russia's Political History, the Chess Sport Federation of St. Petersburg and the Committee for Physical Education and Sports of St.Petersburg. The tournament is sponsored by Renault Russia, PAO FGC UES and PAO PhosAgro. Logistics Sponsor of the Russian Chess Federation is the Russian Post Office.

The opening ceremony will take place 2 December. The Museum will open a dedicated show, host a press conference of the organizers and participants and hold the drawing for the tournaments.

The exhibition entitled “The USSR: a Chess Superpower” will be held in the Museum's atrium. Among the exhibits are Soviet chess posters of the 1930s-1960s and rare archival photographs; these will be discussed by Margarita Samoilova, the author of the exhibition and deputy head of the research and exhibition department of GMPIR [National Museum of Russia's Political History (NMRPH)] at 18:00.

The press conference, which will be attended by Pyotr Svidler and Valentina Gunina, multiple champions of Russia, winners of World Chess Olympiads as part of the national team, and representatives from the organizers, will take place in the atrium from 18:30 to 19:00.

The press conference will include a presentation of a tutorial entitled Chess School: Second Year of Study by Vladimir Barsky, published by the RCF with support from the Timchenko Foundation.

The opening ceremony of the Grand Finals will start at 19:30. The guests and participants will attend an official ceremony and a concert programme. Drawing will also be held for both tournaments.

Admission by invitation and press accreditation only. Muster for journalists 17:45 to 18:00, for guests 19:00 to 19:30.

Andrey Filatov, RCF President and head coach of the Russian national men's chess team:

- Grand Finals of Russian championships are always full of suspense and exciting for supporters and professionals because they feature not only A-listers but also qualifiers. I'm confident that young chess players will be able to make a name for themselves at this tournament. And the participation of multiple champions of Russia Pyotr Svidler, Valentina Gunina and Alisa Galliamova will lend special status to the Grand Finals. It is wonderful that the tournament is taking place in St. Petersburg, which, incidentally, has not hosted a Russian championship since 1998. I hope that the newcomer to the Chess at Museums programme - the National Museum of Russia's Political History - will be as interesting to the spectators as is the wonderful Russian Museum, which hosted the Russian round of the Alyokhin Memorial in 2013.

According to the regulations, the men's competition is joined by: Pyotr Svidler, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Maksim Matlakov, Nikita Vitiugov, Yevgeny Romanov (all from St. Petersburg), Yevgeny Tomashevsky (Saratov Oblast), Ernesto Inarkiev, Vladimir Malakhov, Daniil Dubov, Aleksandr Ryazantsev (all from Moscow), Sanan Syugirov (Samara Oblast), and Sergey Volkov (Republic of Mordovia).

Playing in the women's tournament will be: Valentina Gunina, Alina Kashlinskaya, Yekaterina Kovalevskaya, Polina Shuvalova (all from Moscow), Olga Girya (KhMAO [Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug] - Yugra), Aleksandra Goryachkina (YaNAO [Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug]), Natalia Pogonina (Saratov Oblast), Alisa Galliamova (Republic of Tatarstan), Anastasia Bodnaruk (St. Petersburg), Marina Nechayeva (Moscow Oblast), Yevgeniya Ovod (Leningrad Oblast) and Oksana Gritsayeva (Republic of Crimea).

The total prize money for the Grand Finals will be 9 million roubles.

Also, the winners of the men's and women's tournaments will receive a special prize from Renault Russia – a spectacular and classy subcompact crossover Renault Kaptur [Captur]. As reported earlier, 31 May 2016 Renault Russia entered into a strategic sponsorship agreement with the Russian Chess Federation. At the Botvinnik Central House of Chess Player, the contract was signed by Andrey Pankov, CEO of Renault Russia, and Andrey Filatov, president of the RCF. According to the contract, Renault Kaptur became the official car of the RCF.

The competitions are held on a round-robin basis in 11 rounds. Time allowance: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, then 30 minutes to the end of the game, with 30 seconds added per move, from the first one, for each contestant. Chief referee: international arbiter Igor Bolotinsky.

Schedule. Game days: 3-7 and 9-14 December. Rounds start at 15:00; the final round will start at 13:00. The closing ceremony will start 40 minutes after the end of the last game.

The tournament is a sequel to the Chess at Museums programme, which the Russian Chess Federation has been running jointly with the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko since 2012. As part of the programme, competitions were held at the Tretyakov Gallery, the Louvre, the Russian Museum, the Nizhny Novgorod Rukavishnikov Manor House, the National Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Museum of Russian Impressionism and other museums.

8 December is the traditional day of the Chess at Museums social programme: the tournament participants will play a game of multi-board chess against young chess players. The young chess players will be able to talk with the grandmasters in an informal setting, test themselves at the board and possibly defeat a big name.

For media accreditation, please emailEtery Kublashvili, publicist of the Russian Chess Federation, at


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