16 April 2018

Certification Standards for Social Practices. Version 1.0

Roundtable on Certification Standards for Social Practices: topical issues will take place at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation 23 April.

The children's social services market is mature: it offers solutions, practices and programmes. But Russia does not yet have a system in place for professional certification of performance, quality, effectiveness and applicability of solutions. Organizations experienced in childhood protection do not always have reliable evidence of performance and effectiveness of the practices used and are not always able to demonstrate which should be implemented, which will be more or less effective and why.

In response to this challenge, an expert panel of the Childhood Programme Assessment cross-sectoral professional association developed the Certification Standard for Social Practices.
The Standard is developed as part of the Project entitled Development of SO NKO [community-focused non-profit (CFNP)]: Certification of Social Practices, which is implemented by ANO [independent not-for-profit organisation (INO)] Evolution and Philanthropy on behalf of the Childhood Programme Assessment Cross-sectoral Professional Association using the Russian Federation Presidential Grant for the development of civil society, provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation. The project is sponsored by the Timchenko Foundation.

“The phrases ‘successful project’, effective practice are used on a regular basis, but not everyone always understands what they refer to. We have developed and would like to discuss a practice certification standard that will be a benchmark for those who are involved in childhood protection and invest in solutions to the problems of social orphanhood.Standard version 1.0combines the track record of professionals, research findings, as well as the needs, values and self-assessment of well-being by children and families,” says Elvira Garifulina, head of the Family and Children programme at the Timchenko Foundation.
We invite you to join the discussion of the Standard if you are a representative of the not-for-profit community, donors, government agencies and research establishments seeking to improve performance in childhood protection.

Deadline for the registration of round table participants: 14.00 20 Aprilfollow the link.

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