16 April 2018


The Timchenko Foundation announces Small Cultural Mosaic, a grants competition to support socio-cultural initiatives in Russian towns and villages

The new competition is part of the flagship Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages federal project, which is designed to grow Russian provinces through culture. Small Cultural Mosaic will be organized by the winners of the project entitled Cultural Mosaic: Affiliate Network, for whom this will be a new milestone in the three-year implementation cycle of their projects. The competition is funded by Timchenko Foundation and is run with support from provincial operators of the Cultural Mosaic project.

Small Cultural Mosaic is open to the residents of 17 states in the Volgian, Northwest, Siberian, Uralian and Southern Federal Districts. You can submit your competition entry between 16 April and 14 May in the following categories: Living Space, Traditions and Development, and Cultural Outing. To qualify for funding of up to 20000 roubles, the project entered into the competition must be designed to address social ills using cultural tools, have a clear-cut implementation plan and provide for the involvement of affiliates.

For further details about the competition's target areas and selection criteria for grantees, visit the website of the Cultural Mosaic project at The results of the Small Cultural Mosaic Grants competition will be announced 31 May 2018.

The mission of Small Cultural Mosaic is not only to identify and sponsor promising sociocultural projects in the sticks, but also to enable the winners of the competition Cultural Mosaic: Affiliate Network to learn about how grantmaking works in practice. This will enable project teams, which were themselves grantees a few years back, to gain experience as managers of a socially important competition.

As part of the Cultural Mosaic project, we do more than simply provide financial backing to promising initiatives. Our mission is to set up full-scale sociocultural development centres in towns and villages across the country to both transform life in the provinces and provide organizational, advisory and educational support to local private initiatives in the long term. We decided to hold the Small Cultural Mosaic Grants competition in an attempt to help our winning project owners gain the necessary experience as organizers and to identify significant sociocultural projects at a more local level this time,” said Yelena Konovalova, head of the Culture programme at the Timchenko Foundation.

The Cultural Mosaic of Townships and Villages competition has been run since 2014 by the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko with support from the RF Culture Ministry. Its mission is to support cultural initiatives in the Russian provinces.

Since its establishment, funding in excess of 130 mln roubles has been made available to 291 initiatives from 65 Russian states: food, music and landscaping festivals, theatre tours, walking tours, revived arts and crafts, public readings, educational programmes, shows and master classes.

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