23 August 2018


All winning projects of the Timchenko Foundation’s Third All-Russian competition called Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages are now completed.

Thanks to the financial and educational support of the Foundation in small towns and villages, all initiatives of their residents aimed at developing their territories were implemented as social and cultural projects. Local residents have become the main actors of the Cultural Mosaic competition: their ideas were supported, and their active attitude and their awareness of own responsibility for the development of the territory became the driving force for the changes. Projects teams organized festivals and other cultural events, created tourist trails, refurbished cultural establishments, renewed and restored handicraft traditions: 58 social and cultural projects were implemented during the year’s time in 38 regions of Russia. The total of over 34 million rubles was allocated for the financial support of these projects.

Cultural Mosaic competition program is designed to support projects over the three-year period. Program participants follow two directions at each stage of the program: they develop their projects and acquire new managerial competency; they practice creating horizontal partnerships with local activists, finding and supporting local cultural initiatives, and gain experience in designing development strategy. This is why Culture Mosaic includes educational events on project conception, grant-making, and PR support of the projects. As part of the Cultural Mosaic, internships in foreign countries are also available on a competitive basis. Project participants are brought together for sharing of best practices at the territories where the projects are implemented and where progress is visible.

After the completion of the first year in the program, the winners of the 2017 competition may take part in a competition called Cultural Mosaic: Network of Partners which got underway on August 15 and will come to a close in September 2018. The objective of this competition is to encourage the establishment of centers of attraction in Russian regions which would be involved in socio-cultural activities defining the development of smaller territories in the long run. The main conditions and goals for the participants in this competition will be creating partner networks for their projects and achieving their stability.

The 2017 All-Russian competition Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages was the third in a row. Since 2014, the Timchenko Foundation provided grant support to 253 organizations from 65 regions of Russia. The total sum allocated for grants exceeded 158 million rubles.
According to Maria Morozova, General Director of the Timchenko Foundation, this competition offers the means for unlocking the potential of developing smaller territories and helping local residents to change their lives for the better.

“We can see talented and active people who can, as the saying goes, ‘turn lemons into lemonade. It is pretty often the case that the authors of Cultural Mosaic projects can change the world around them not thanks to favorable circumstances, but rather in spite of existing conditions: traditional industry experiences a new revival through active participation of the young people; new enterprises are created in single-industry towns in which a single employer went out of business; museums and libraries get out into the streets” becoming centers of attraction for the population.

Our experience proves that individuals are the main subjects for development and positive change and that they are the main resource for developing a territory. This is so due to the fact that their ideas are not artificial and not formal: they reflect values, traditions and needs of local people. Supporting them we assist in resolving social and even economic issues, said Maria Morozova.

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