4 September 2017 the vil. of of Shchepachikha in Nizhny-Novgorod Oblast hosted an opening ceremony for a new, now third school year of the Mikhalkov Cinema and Theatre Academy. 32 enrollees of the acting, directing and producing studios received from the hands of art directors long-desired student IDs with an image of a soaring golden swift - the Academy's logo. 
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Their ice hockey story is already in
1 September, Knowledge Day, was the deadline for entries to the second annual Tell Us About Hockey writing competition, sponsored jointly by the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. This year the competition received 14 entries.
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Golden Mask in Krasnokamsk
The town of Krasnokamsk, which is in Perm Krai, is hosting a Golden Mask festival. 3 and 4 September the Goznak [National Mint] palace of culture was used for performances by the Russian Academic Youth Theatre (RAYT).
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Foster Family Odyssey
Krasnodar Krai hosted a summer camp for foster families in late summer, between 21 and 26 August. Tutorials, master classes, therapy sessions and the hospitable coast of the Black Sea were in store for the parents and children. This year the camp welcomed foster families with children with disabilities.
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Timchenko Foundation to hold extra round of Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition
Between 5 and 25 September 2017, childhood protection NGOs and non-profits interested in learning new practices and procedures can take part in an additional round of the Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition
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Autumn: study time!
Representatives from cultural establishments in all federal districts will take classes once again thanks to study placements from Timchenko Foundation! 
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Who says 5 is young?
In September 2017, the Kluch township in Ryazan Oblast marks its 5th anniversary: exactly five years ago, phase one was delivered in this small town, and the autumn of 2012 saw brand-new houses open their doors to 11 foster families. These days Kluch is home to 16 families with 111 children. The township was built with support from a charitable foundation of the same name and is one of the three experimental townships, where a model for communal accommodation of foster families is being taken through its paces. Such townships sit in the Leningrad and Tambov Oblasts. Kluch is the youngest of the three townships.
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Mikhalkov Academy names winners in 2017 provincial grant programme sponsored by Timchenko Foundation
The Mikhalkov Academy of Cinema and Theatre has named the winners in a provincial grant programme held in Russian provinces with support from the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko. The programme was part of an enrolment drive, and its mission is to facilitate the professional growth of the next-generation theatre and cinema professionals (actors, directors, producers) from across the nation. The programme has enabled young theatre and cinema talents to become eligible once again for support from the Foundation and to study at the Mikhalkov Academy for a year on special terms (tuition fees waived).
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Three more states to join Chess at Schools project
The competition to join the Chess at Schools project, run by the Russian Chess Federation and the Timchenko Foundation, has been won by three states: Kemerovo Oblast and the Republics of Udmurtia and Chuvashia.
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Winners named in travel grant competition for provincial attendees at Society for All Ages National Conference
20 August the organizing committee of the 5th Society for All Ages National Conference announced the results of the travel grant competition. It enables provincial elderly care professionals to visit Moscow by paying their travel expenses. The conference will take place 5-6 October 2017 on the premises of MIA Rossiya Segodnya [Russia Today International News Agency (INA)].
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Participants named in Local Sociocultural Development Centres (SDC): Models, Practices And Standard Operating Procedures educational programme

The educational programme was open to the winners of the 2016 Cultural Mosaic: Affiliate Network competition of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko.

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Annual Mature Beauty Runway 2017 to take place in Moscow 3 October

The now-traditional Moscow Mature Beauty Runway for over-50 models, organized by the Baba-Deda portal for the elderly and the ZIL Culture Centre, will take place 3 October 2017. This modern and inspiring project focuses the attention of Russian society on the social attitude to the third age and highlights the changing portrait of the older generation. This year the Runway has been traditionally sponsored by MGTS, the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and WITT International, a European brand of fashionable clothing for women.

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First international children's sledge hockey camp over in Sochi

New friends, workouts and exchange of skills, strong impressions, meetings with sports and cinema stars – this is what 10 days were full of for the boys and girls from Russia, Czechia and the USA who had come to Sochi to attend the first I Play Sledge Hockey! children's camp

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Placement over for winners in Region+ nomination of Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages competition

Between 1 and 5 August Yaroslavl Oblast hosted a fact-finding placement called the Place of Culture in the Branding and Marketing of Localities for the winners in the Region [RF State]+ nomination of the Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages competition, run by the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko. The placees studied the best practices of Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky, Uglich, Myshkin and the village of Martynovo.

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Window to Finland

Russian foster children went on a cultural and fact-finding trip to Finland, where they saw the sights of the northern country and learned about the involvement of Finnish youth in the community development.

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Kaliningrad Oblast children meet Olympians
Last week saw the end of the 13th statewide drive of the Russian Union of Athletes – Cup Kaliningrad. Victory to the Glory of Russia! with Olympic champions meeting with children in Kaliningrad Oblast. The events were sponsored by the Charitable Foundation of Yelena and Gennady
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UK practices for setting up local Sociocultural Development Centres for winners of Cultural Mosaic: Affiliate Network competition

A competition has been announced among the winners of the Cultural Mosaic: Affiliate Network competition projects sponsored by the Charitable Foundation of Yelena and Gennady Timchenko in 2016 to join the educational programme called “Sociocultural Development Centres (SDC): Models, Practices and Standard Operating Procedures”. Setting up Sociocultural Development Centres in small communities is an area of focus for the Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages programme. That is why the Timchenko Foundation is offering the competition winners a two-stage course:

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4th Friendship Match International Russian-Chinese Children's Tournament ended in Harbin

The fourth Friendship Match took place between 3 and 5 August 2017 in Harbin, the capital of the province of Heilongjiang, sharing the border with Russia along the river Amur. The friendship meet in China featured 8 Russian competitors from among the best U14 chess players (6 boys and 2 girls).

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Harbiner to host Friendship Match international Russian-Chinese children's tournament
The Russian Chess Federation and the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko announce Friendship Match, an international Russian-Chinese children's tournament, to take place between 3 and 5 August 2017. This year the tournament will be hosted by the city of Harbiner – the capital of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang. The Friendship Match will take place as part of the annual Xin Rui festival with support from the Chinese Chess Association and the regional Sports Ministry. 
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Deadline extended to 10 August for travel grant applications for Society for All Ages National Conference
5-6 October 2017 Moscow will host the 5th Society for All Ages National Conference. Russian and international experts will discuss ageing and improving the quality of senior life in Russia.  Provincial professionals working with and for the benefit of elderly people are eligible for aid: reimbursement of the costs of travel to and from Moscow. Aid is provided on a competitive basis; the application deadline: 10 August.
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