Winners named in Little Cultural Mosaic competition

Oct 14, 2020 at 18:21 • Culture

On 13 October 13 states in Russia saw the end of their local rounds in the Timchenko Foundation’s federal competition called “Little Cultural Mosaic” to support the local initiatives of residents in towns and rural areas.

Small Cultural Mosaic provides funding and organizational support for the local initiatives of pro-active residents who seek to make life better in their towns and villages. Even small-scale projects in the sticks can trigger changes for the better on a national scale. This year the competition was held concurrently within the Volgian, Northwest, North-Caucasian, Siberian, Uralian, Central and Southern Federal Districts.

Small Cultural Mosaic was organized by 13 teams of the projects that are beneficiaries of the Cultural Mosaic three-year support programme: Fisherman’s Happiness, Top Secret – Tugach KrasLAG [Krasnoyarsk Timber Labour Camp], From 1 to 101, ZABORisty Museum, Zvenigovo Tourism, Bureau Usadba [Manor Estate Bureau], Nevyansk: a Space for New Ideas, Rural Tourism: from Village to Village, Pinega Fairyland, Tree of Life, ARTEMOFF Urban Culture Festival, Leader Network and Save the Face of Our City.

The involvement of Cultural Mosaic project entrants as the competition organizers makes it possible to better ascertain the needs of local communities, find potential even in modest ventures and disburse a grant directly to the proactive residents. This is the next step by Cultural Mosaic programme participants towards their establishment as sociocultural growth centres in their homelands.

Small Cultural Mosaic has been won by 70 projects entered by local action groups and non-profits. The most popular categories proved to be “Living space”, “Traditions and growth” and “Cultural outing”. For details and a comprehensive list of winners, go to The competition received a total of 117 entries.

Over three years Little Cultural Mosaic has emerged as one of the favourite competitions in Russian provinces. Earlier this year the competition was for the third time hosted by the Beloyarsk District of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the Nerchinsk District of Zabaykalsky Krai and the Golyshmanovo District of Tyumen Oblast. It is noteworthy that the competition in these territories is now fully funded by the local treasuries and sponsored by local businesses.

“The mission of Small Cultural Mosaic is to find and support even the smallest initiative by an individual in a town or village. Let the locals know that it is up to them in what environment and how they and their families will live. Such initiatives are invisible from Moscow: they can only be supported by local organizations that have decided to become sociocultural growth centres in their homelands. Such centres are what Cultural Mosaic participants become in the third year of their projects,” said Elena Konovalova, head of Culture at the Timchenko Foundation.

The Little Cultural Mosaic competition is part of the Timchenko Foundation’s Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages federal programme and is designed to involve the residents of towns and rural districts in Russia in sociocultural transformations in their homelands, support for the initiatives of local communities and culture-enabled regional growth.