Across Udmurtia with Cultural Mosaic

Dec 01, 2020 at 14:53 • Culture

To mark milestones in their relationship, the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and the Republic of Udmurtia held a series of events within the republic: a teleconference on the results of coordination between the Foundation and the major ministries of the territory, a briefing for national general-interest media featuring Aleksandr Brechalov, Head of Udmurtia, and a media tour of the projects that won the Cultural Mosaic of Udmurtia competition in its first year.

The Republic of Udmurtia became the first focus of the Timchenko Foundation’s flagship Culture programme. Having been developed by the foundation, the model provided the basis for the programme titled “Cultural Mosaic of Udmurtia”. It is designed to identify individuals and entities capable of taking charge of growing their communities and improving their living and working environment.

The competition opened 1 March 2020, and a shortlist was published in May. In all, the competition received 306 entries from all 25 rural districts of the republic and the towns of Mozhga and Kambarka. It was won by 35 projects; the grants for their implementation averaged thousand 250 roubles each.

The federal journalists visited 6 of the projects that won Cultural Mosaic Udmurtia and are now under implementation: “Contemporary music laboratory”, “Centre of attraction. Creative peoples” in the village of Sigayevo, an inclusive space called “Children and We” for teaching children with mental disorders, the Kigbayevo in Colours studio and the village of Sholya, where the traditions of Sholya painting are being revived.

Also, Udmurtia is still hosting a project that won the federal Cultural Mosaic in 2015 and graduated from the programme. This is a history and culture park called “DondyDor” in the north of Udmurtia, in the Glazov District. It hosts land art festivals, rallies of Udmurt clans (“vorshuds”) and other events, including ones with an ethnic component.

At the Cultural Mosaic of Udmurtia competition, Yevgeny Bazhenov, the head of DondyDorand, and his team served as experts: as intended by the programme, the graduates become ambassadors for the model and drivers of regional growth.

“Our support covers not only the delivery of charitable donations for project implementation. We invest the bulk of our resources in the development of human potential in the target territories. We have a broad curriculum, which includes seminars and placements, tutoring by experts and mentoring by our local organizers. We help Udmurtia test-drive the Cultural Mosaic model on home turf and adapt it for local conditions. While phasing out our support, we leave the entire toolkit in place. Our cooperation is to last four years. Last spring, we planted the first “seeds”, and in late November we held a series of events in which we summed up the interim results of the joint activities with the state in order to review the deliverables next year and identify the focal points for concerted efforts in the future,” says Yelena Konovalova, head of the Culture programme at the Timchenko Foundation.