Entries are now invited to the Family Circle competition

Jul 08, 2020 at 14:00 • Older generation

8 July is the start date of the 1st Family Circle all-Russian competition of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko. It is designed to promote and support sustainable practices in family care for the elderly drawing on the resources of local communities. The competition’s grant fund is 10 million roubles; the maximum grant is 150 thousand roubles.

The competition is open to volunteer organizations, non-profits, public institutions, action groups and social entrepreneurs.

Family care is an approach that makes it possible to help a senior citizen to continue living at home for as long as possible in an environment as comfortable as possible for him and his family.

To do this, he and his family can need all manner of assistance – from house cleaning and grocery shopping to counselling and classes on the prevention of cognitive disorders. The competition targets those who provide such help on a regular basis: relatives, neighbours and volunteers.

The winners will receive a business development grant and guidelines on how to describe a project. Sustainable and scalable practices will form the backbone of a system that will link the providers of social and medical care for the elderly.

Entries can be submitted between 8 July and 8 September. 

The competition guidelines, selection criteria and entrant requirements have been published on the competition’s website.

The results will be announced in September.

With its Elderly programme, the Timchenko Foundation seeks to bring together the government, the business community, the academia and the non-profit sector for the benefit of the elderly.

“When developing the Elderly programme nearly ten years ago, we wanted to change societal attitudes to the elderly, as well as their self-esteem. Over the years our foundation has backed more than 1500 projects to help third agers achieve self-fulfilment. Today the notion of «active senior lifestyle», the recognition of the value of senior citizens, their ambition to live full lives and grow are already becoming mainstream. But we have never forgotten that there are vulnerable seniors who need constant help. The provision of such help in the family enables a senior citizen to continue living in the familiar environment and at a decent standard of living,” says Maria Morozova, CEO of the Timchenko Foundation.

The Timchenko Foundation started identifying and supporting family care practices even before launching its competition. During the first days of the pandemic, it set up the Help Is at Hand Coalition jointly with the Serebryany Vozrast [Third Age] Alliance. It now boasts over 230 members in 56 states in Russia and one in Kazakhstan. It identified 3900 invisibles who needed help but were not registered with social services and did not know where to ask for it. In all, the Coalition members helped 81 thousand seniors.

Specifically, the People’s Golden Years University of the Znaniye [Knowledge] Orlov regional NGO set up a telephone network to connect its “students”, their acquaintances and peers in Oryol and Oryol Oblast. To begin with, 20 volunteers received 4 telephone numbers each to call and enquire how the senior citizen was doing and whether he needed anything. To date, the project has been joined by as many as 450 people. One of the networks has 7 members, all over 90 years old, and these include academician Adelina Frolovna Kolesnikova, a stone fruit breeder and honorary citizen of Oryol Oblast. Adelina Kolesnikova has self-isolated at her dacha, is taking care of her garden and is always happy to help out her peers and find words of encouragement for them.

Thus, family care includes a wide variety of support and care arrangements (custom solutions are key) and draws on the available resources of local communities in order to help dependent seniors cope with life challenges, feel better and keep their living arrangements.


To find out more and to apply, contact directly the local organizer in your federal district:

Northwest, Central, Far-Eastern and Siberian Federal Districts: Natalia Kanaltseva, Good City of St Petersburg Charitable Foundation, tel. + 7 931 539-74-56, email:

Volga, Uralian, Southern and North-Caucasian Districts: Oksana Kremenitskaya, Good Stories Foundation, tel. +7 846 207-52-53, email: