Family Haven: new competition of Timchenko Foundation

Apr 22, 2019 at 13:56 • Family and Children

The Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko invites entries to a competition to improve the performance of the system for the prevention of social orphanhood.

Entries will be received between 22 April and 13 May. The Timchenko Foundation’s Family and Children programme focuses on preserving the child’s biological family as a key condition for children’s well-being. That is why support for biological families has been selected as the competition’s area of focus.

The competition promotes both tried-and-true practices in orphanhood prevention and technological innovations in family support that are to be tested. The competition is open to Russian non-profits, including state and municipal organisations active in the field of childhood protection. The competition winners will be named 1 June after the shortlisting of entries and assessment of projects by experts and the Competition Panel.

The organizations that win the Family Haven All-Russian Competition will receive project funding by November 2020, expert advice and guidance and opportunities for training and internship as part of the educational projects of the Timchenko Foundation’s Family and Children programme. Validated projects will be funded up to 1.5 mln roubles; innovative practices, up to 800 thou. roubles.

The Family Haven competition has three primary objectives. First, support for effective social orphanhood prevention practices, models and procedures that promote a favourable environment for the child’s development in the biological family. Second, an opportunity to test Russia’s innovative practices for the prevention of social orphanhood. And third, facilitate the promotion of best practices and models in Russian provinces. As has been demonstrated by the strategic social orphanhood prevention workshop held in February 2019, successful models for the support of biological families in crisis are in place in a number of Russian states.

Entries can be submitted through the Timchenko Foundation’s portal for social workers at The portal also has full information about the competition.

The competition is run by the Klyuch [Key] Charitable Foundation.