Focus on the Family competition underway

Jan 27, 2020 at 18:40 • Family and Children

27 January was the opening day for entries to the first round of the 5th Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition. It is open to organizations, non-profits and central and local government agencies involved in childhood protection, as well as foster parent communities from across Russia.

The purpose of the competition is to give the winners an opportunity to learn how to use new family and children support methods, tools and practices, apply their new knowledge in practice and build their activities into system and a success story.

The study of the best Russian practices is hosted by training providers – the organizations with validated practices. The Competition is organized by the Family and Children programme of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and is run by the Klyuch [Key] Charitable Foundation.

The winners will receive funding for placement in their chosen field, and will then be given a chance to put their new knowledge and skills to practice. In order to implement the best practices studied in a more targeted manner, the organization can enter the second round of the competition.

To enter the Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition, you need to choose a placement provider, whose best practices can be of interest and use to you, and prepare your entry. Placement providers offer their best practices in seven core fields: orphanhood prevention through biological family management, preparation of children for fosterage and support for foster families, reorganization of orphanages into, post-orphanage support and adulthood preparation, support for the carers and consolidation of foster families etc.

The winning organizations will receive funding of up to 100 thou. rbl. and training in their chosen field, and will then be given a chance to put to practice their new knowledge and skills.

All those who successfully implement their projects in the first round, demonstrating the results of applying their new knowledge and skills, will qualify for the second round of the competition in 2021. This means funding of up to 800 thou. rbl. for a term of two years, during which the winners will be able to implement and develop the practices in-house.

Submit your entry between 27 January and 30 September 2020 or before the Competition is officially closed in 2020.

To read more about the competition and to submit your entry, visit the website at