Foundation's annual budget exceeds RUR1b for the first time

Sep 04, 2020 at 13:31 •

Today the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko has published its report for 2019. For the first time, the foundation’s annual budget was 1,070,000,000 roubles. In the past year the Timchenko Foundation sponsored 687 projects, more than half of which were implemented in towns and villages.

“In 2019 the foundation was rated high and made No 1 in the Forbes magazine’s new ranking of private charitable foundations. Note that the total funding was weighted by experts at 30% only, while the key criteria were a clear and consistent strategy, a systems approach and performance measurement, openness and quality of management,” Maria Morozova, CEO of the Timchenko Foundation, writes in her address.

The 2019 report discloses information about the operations of the Foundation’s four strategic programmes. Following the metaphoric life line selected for the report styling, the reader can see what social ills the programmes focused on, what projects were backed and what results were achieved.

The budget of the Culture programme was 154.4 mln roubles, that of the Family and Children programme 263.2 mln, Sports 463.1 mln, and The Elderly 107.4 mln.

Paying special attention to measuring the social effect of charitable programmes, the foundation discloses its performance figures over three years – the results of the foundation’s direct intervention and the projects implemented by its beneficiaries. To give an idea of the changes represented by these figures and their impact on welfare, case studies are provided. The sections are supplemented with comments from experts and programme affiliates.

The performance indicators used for the monitoring and evaluation system were independently audited in 2019 – the system will continue to develop with due regard to the expert feedback.

The report also presents the findings of studies that were conducted with the involvement of the Timchenko Foundation. Specifically, the studies researched the root causes of social orphanhood when children are institutionalized while their parents are still alive. A comprehensive study has also been done into backyard hockey. Research helps identify areas of focus for the Foundation’s team to maximize performance.

For the first time the report features a section entitled «Media Relations», which presents special projects done jointly with Russian publications to highlight social issues that the foundation focuses on.

The report shows the growing synergy between the foundation’s programmes, which prompted in 2019 the development of a new project to support self-organization and solidarity of local communities. The pilot project kicks off in 2020.

The report also says that the Timchenko Foundation plans an large project in 2020 to mark its tenth anniversary and sum up its achievements.

In preparing its report, the Timchenko Foundation makes use of public hearings – this year the hearings were held online; they were attended by over 100 experts. The published version has incorporated comments and suggestions from the attendees.

The annual social report is published on the organization’s website as a smart PDF.

You can download the report here.