Good Ice Cup final

Dec 07, 2019 at 16:21 • Sport

The final round is over in the Good Ice Cup 2019 all-Russian competition. The medals went to the following teams:

1) Transbunker (Vanino);
2) Temp (Artyom);
3) Severnaya Olimpiya (Syktyvkar);

Based on their performance in the competitions, Konstantin Malakhov (Severnaya Olimpiya) was named Best Goalkeeper, and Ilya Ilyin (Rubin) Best Defender. Kirill Khristoforov (Bor) was named Best Striker. Audience award went to Bator Radnayev (Shakhtyor).

Artyom Stryukov (Transbunker) was named Top Scorer. Viktor Rylkov (Temp) was named Best Player in the final round.

The prize for determination and will to win was awarded to Boris Cherednichenko (Meteor). The Hope of Hockey award went to Demyan Filippov (Forvard). Prizes were also awarded to Daria Turusova and Daria Dutseva, Rubin.

The fourth final of the Good Ice Cup all-Russian competitions ice took place in Nizhny-Novgorod Oblast between 3 and 6 December. It was entered by eight best 2008-2009-born teams from 4 federal districts: Northwestern, Volgian, Siberian and Far-Eastern. This year the fourth interstate Good Ice Cup hockey tournament brought together 90 teams from 17 Russian states.