Internship competition for Cultural Mosaic winners

Mar 18, 2020 at 16:24 • Culture

Competition launched to join internship programme for Cultural Mosaic winners from past years. It will have two rounds: for summer and autumn placements between 17 March and 16 April 2020 and between 8 and 30 August 2020 respectively. The first round winners will be named 24 April 2020.

Placees will be able to research the best sociocultural practices, improve their professional skills, strike up long-term relationships, attend professional events, and review case studies jointly with an administration spokesperson to address the issues of their homeland.

The 2020 programme includes group and individual placements in three categories: Region Plus, Cultural Internship and Network Initiatives. The placements are scheduled for the summer and autumn periods. Group placements are also available to local administration officials.

A Region Plus group placement will take place in early September in the Kenozero national park — a cultural and natural site on the federal and global level. The programme focuses on policies, methods and procedures for interfacing with the locals: the promotion of project culture, self-organization options (local councils), promotion of rural tourism and local small businesses.

On the register of the Cultural Internship category are 11 hosts: these are NGOs, resource centres and museums across the country. They showcase the best project practices in fundraising and relationship building, interfacing with the local community and volunteers, promoting creative initiatives and communal spaces, rural and event tourism. Applicants have the option of choosing an organization with relevant experience in keeping with their professional profiles.

Network Initiatives individual placements are designed to promote liaison between members of the Cultural Mosaic community: exchange of advice, attendance at professional events and discussion of affiliated projects.

To enter the competition, you need to download and fill in an entry in your chosen category and submit it through the registration form on the competition’s website at

Yelena Konovalova, head of Culture at the Timchenko Foundation, notes that study placements allow project developers to improve their professional level and learn about the successful practices in sociocultural development of small communities: “As part of Cultural Mosaic, we do our best to improve the professional expertise and competencies of our winners. Placements are a good opportunity not only to learn about other teams and projects but also to study the best practices and new methods and processes of sociocultural development of small communities. We hope that the placements will enable our colleagues to deepen their understanding of their own projects and discover new opportunities to grow their towns and villages”. 

The internship programme of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko has been in place since 2015, with 225 designers having used it to study the best Russian practices and improve their professional skills over that time. The programme is run by the Association of Cultural Managers.