Ksenia Frank: “We should invest in people with a team”

Oct 07, 2020 at 12:49 •

The year 2020 has been all about anti-pandemic efforts for the Timchenko Foundation as it has for the world at large. What the Timchenko family has been doing during this time of trouble, what strategy will the foundation adopt and why it always makes sense to bet on people are covered in an interview to Forbes Woman by Ksenia Frank, chair of the Foundation’s Supervisory Board.

Involvement in the family’s charity projects since childhood and volunteering in her student years – such was Ksenia’s path to the forging of a systematic organization with a long-term strategy, which has always been based on the values of its founders. Over the decade the foundation changed organically in response to the challenges of the time and consistently working towards supporting an active lifestyle for seniors, promoting children’s amateur sports, dealing with the issue of social orphanhood and facilitating the growth of towns and villages in Russia through cultural drivers.

At the height of the pandemic and global uncertainty, the foundation’s founders and staff joined forces with its affiliates to implement a raft of crisis management projects leveraging its system of strong relationships, which had been built over long years and has now passed its trial by fire.  The family’s donations to the crisis management projects to control the epidemics and its consequences have totalled more than 3 bln roubles.

Besides answering questions about philanthropy, Ksenia described in her interview about angel investing and her own education grant for provincial women to take the MBA and Master in Public Strategy programmes at the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management.

She also opined that “we should invest not in a person but in a person with a team, providing them with an education and resources so they can do what they think necessary for their own local community. Because no grant can last forever, but skills, once learned, do”.