Moscow Wushu Stars 2020

Jan 24, 2020 at 18:06 • Sport

Between 24 and 29 February 2020 Moscow will host, with support from the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, the sixth International tournament Moscow Wushu Stars 2020.

The competitions are held by the Russian Wushu Federation, a sports non-governmental organization, and the Moscow City Wushu Federation, a state sports and non-governmental organization, with support from the Moscow Department of Sports at the world’s only dedicated facility, custom-built for wushu classes and competitions — the Moscow Wushu Palace of Moskomsporta [Physical Education and Sports Committee of Moscow Government] (No.30 Ul. Khersonskaya, k. [blk] 2/1, Moscow).

The opening ceremony, which will include a parade of participants and spectacular exhibition performances, will take place 25 February at 13.00 Moscow time.

The Moscow Wushu Stars international tournament is one of the highest-profile international competitions certified by the European and International Wushu Federations.

This year it will boast the largest attendance ever. About 1,000 entrants are expected from 21 countries: Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Iran, Egypt, Tunis, Israel and India.

This year began with a truly symbolic event: a meeting of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, which took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, 8 January, included wushu on the official list of competitions for the 4th Junior Olympic Games, scheduled to take place in Dakar, the capital of Senegal in 2022. Thus, wushu is now an official Olympic sport, which brings it one step closer to making the Olympics.

This being the case, the Moscow Wushu Stars 2020 tournament being joined by a team from China, the country that pioneered the sport, lends special importance to the competitions.

The tournament line-up includes World and European Wushu Champions and famed martial artists such as: Pavel Muratov and Sandra Konstantinova (Russia), Van Sue, Chjen Haonan and Liu Chjaohe (China), Mohamed Salah El Din [and] Abdullah Muhammad (Egypt), Anastasia Kirilyuk (Israel), and Yevgeny Lopatkin (Kirghiz Republic), to name but a few

The competitions will take place in 6 disciplines: taolu, kung fu, wing chun, tai chi as well as sanshou and tuishou, where the martial artists will see who is the best in mano-a-manos.

Refereeing will be provided by the best wushu umpires of the European and International Wushu Federations from Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran and Russia.