Nizniy-Novgorod oblast holds new school year opening ceremony for Mikhalkov academy

Sep 18, 2017 at 19:52 • Culture

4 September 2017 the vil. of of Shchepachikha in Nizhny-Novgorod Oblast hosted an opening ceremony for a new, now third school year of the Mikhalkov Cinema and Theatre Academy. 32 enrollees of the acting, directing and producing studios received from the hands of art directors long-desired student IDs with an image of a soaring golden swift — the Academy’s logo.

It is by now a good tradition to stage events of importance for the Mikhalkov Academy at the Mikhalkov Manor in the vil. of Shchepachikha. When presenting student IDs on the shore of the lake Iskra, the Academy Rector addressed the attendees with words of welcome.
I have insisted that all our graduates be present here. But the most important thing for me is that you should want to come. This means you are still on board with our venture,” Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov told the graduates and went on to offer a word of advice to the tyros: “It is enough to be alive to be happy, said Lev Tolstoy. Today you are full of dreams. Not all of them will come true… Don’t think about that now. Our graduates will tell you that the Academy is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, a wealth of experience; all you need to do is take it. Not receive, take.
In his speech, Nikita Mikhalkov emphasized once again that, starting this year, tuition at the Cinema and Theatre Academy will be free for all: “My friend Gennady Timchenko – not to spite those who did their studied before — has accepted the burden of paying the tuition fees for Muscovites and out-of-towners alike. This is right and fair.” We must have a level playing field. I hope that what you will be offered you will accept with total commitment and responsibility.
The ceremony of student ID presentation was attended by a great number of visiting celebrities, including big names in culture and arts in Russia, Academy teachers and representatives from the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko.
I congratulate everyone who has been accepted at the Academy. I think this is an important step for kids in their creative career. We are happy that the Foundation’s scholarships enable young talents, first of all those from the provinces, to study in Moscow under luminaries of national art of filmmaking. I wish them every success,” said Maria Andreyevna Morozova, General Director [CEO], Timchenko Foundation.
The ceremony was followed by a rich concert programme and a kapustnik [cabbage festival] featuring burlesque numbers, performed by graduates and students for all of the attendees. The event was traditionally MC’ed by Georgy Kuzubov, a graduate of the acting studio. The students were also congratulated by visiting s: a cover group Venglishow and Vladislav Vengly, a member of the Voice show, singer Natasha Kors, guitar player Aleksandr Glushkov, and Fortuna Brass Band featuring Olesya Grinfeld and DJ Sergey Vetra.
The freshmen will now be entering the academic year chock-full of activities, including a great number of lectures, tutorials, masterclasses and creative meetings with national and foreign legends, shoots, studio work, meaningful project activities, tuition in key professional disciplines: directing actors, film directing, casting, photo and film tests, elocution and voice in performance, scenic movement, the theory of film promotion at film festivals, directing artists, multi-camera directing, screening, film distribution and marketing, theory and practice of editing, theory and practice of social advertising, dramatic art etc. An important aspect of training is the structuring of creative process at the Mikhalkov Academy based on synergy between various dimensions of cinematography in light of current trends. Suren Sergeyevich Shaumyan, First Deputy Rector of the Academy, says: “we can see a trend of rising quality of enrollees: people who come to us to hone their skills are mature, solid young talents who have fully evolved and who know exactly what they want and what they will be targeting throughout the academic year. The content developed within the Mikhalkov Academy over the past years has been hugely popular with audiences, and this year is expected to see major efforts to develop new content involving the enrollees of our third intake. I am confident that the Mikhalkov Academy and sponsorship from the Timchenko Foundation will give young cinematographers a creative boost to new professional achievements.