Outcome of children's sledge hockey festival in Sochi

Dec 04, 2019 at 18:56 • Sport

FONBET Festival of children’s sledge hockey league ended in Sochi. The winners won all-expense-paid tickets to major tournaments and a certificate for a crash training course. And the silver and bronze medallists received gift certificates for sports supplies and gear. This year the title of the best sledge hockey team was contested by 16 teams from 14 Russian states.

Fierce battles on the ice, good teamwork and great sportsmanship – all of the above was on display during the tournament. Based on their playing skill and experience, the teams were divided into 4 divisions. In the qualifying round, each team played 4 games. The finals took place 3 December. The winners in each division received valuable prizes and the Fyrk [Snortle] cup – 5 kilogrammes of happiness for children in sports.

The Festival’s gold medals and main trophy – the Snortle cup – were won by Tula-based Tropik, Umka from Odintsovo, Berdy-based Sibirsky Lis [Siberian Fox] team and Mamontyata Yugry [Yugra Mammoth Cubs] from Khanty-Mansiysk. Those ice teams proved the best in their divisions. The players were awarded all-expense-paid tickets to a KHL stars match, KHL play-off, European Sledge Hockey Championship 2020 and a certificate for a crash training course.

The silver and 150,000-rouble certificates for sports supplies and gear were taken home by young sledge hockey players from Izhevsk-based Udmurtia team (Izhevsk), Atal from Cheboksary, Sibir-Sledge from Novosibirsk and Moscow-based Spartak.

The Bronze and 100,000 roubles for the acquisition of sports supplies and gear went to the Orenburg-based Yastreby [Hawks] team, Avrora from St Petersburg, Saratov-based Krylia [Wings] and Bashkirskiye Piraty [Bashkir Pirates] from Ufa.

The Moscow-based team Krylia Sovetov, Krasnoyarsk-based Krasnaya Molniya [Red Lightning], Red Rocket from Leningrad Oblast and Torpedo Sledge from Nizhny Novgorod were awarded Festival certificates.

— “Our sledge hockey year kicks off and ends with the festival. We started this year in St Petersburg, where we were just 10 teams then, and we are ending the year today in Sochi, and now we are already 16 teams. I don’t know where the next festival will take place, how many teams will enter it – 20 or 30. But I hope our sledge hockey players will unlock all their superpowers and have their A-game on. A-game was definitely on today; everybody played their fill today. All that remains is to urge them to unlock their superpowers to have fun, dance and be happy whether they lost or won. Congrats on finishing the festival and see you next year!” said Igor Baradachov, head of the Sports programme of the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko.

Traditionally, the end of the tournament saw the presentation of statuettes in special categories:

  • Top Scorer: Artur Galstyan (Yasteby, Orenburg), Aleksandr Akimov (Avrora, St Petersburg), Raphael Zinovyev (Red Rocket, Leningrad Oblast), Yegor Zaitsev (Mamontyata Yugry, Khanty-Mansiysk).
  • Best Defender: Yekaterina Sautkina (Tropik, Tula), Nikita Shitikov (Krasnaya Molniya, Krasnoyarsk), Roman Panteleyev (Sibirsky Lis, Berdsk), and Gadel Sultanov (Bashkirskiye Piraty, Ufa).
  • Best Goalkeeper: Igor Kozin (Udmurtia, Izhevsk), Ivan Shestakov (Atal, Cheboksary), Andrey Goncharov (Sibir Sledge, Novosibirsk) and Mikhail Tomozov (Spartak, Moscow).
  • Best Striker: Kirill Gavrilov (Tropik, Tula), Aleksandr Sobyanin (Umka, Odintsovo), Aleksandr Borzykh (Sibirsky Lis, Berdsk) and Danil Belsky (Spartak, Moscow).
  • Best Player: Artyom Denisov (Krylia Sovetov, Moscow), Mikhail Kozlov (Atal, Cheboksary), Daria Stepovykh (Krylya, Saratov) and Ivan Burin (Torpedo Sledge, Nizhny Novgorod).

The Festival ended with a party, which gave unforgettable experiences to all attendees. The YenotoParty [yenot is Russian for ‘raccoon’] featured games and competitions for children and adults. By way of a present for the festival participants, the team coordinators prepared a hot dance.

The Festival took place between 29 November and 4 December at the Yug-Sport ice arenas with disabled facilities. Apart from the competitions, the Festival included a varied entertainment programme for the participants: desktop hockey, virtual reality, face painting, photo exhibition, creative masterclasses, and Walk Around Moscow party game. The parents were treated to lectures and yoga classes, and a hockey match between children and grown-ups.

The sporting children and festival visitors were given an opportunity to meet professional hockey players from the Sochi HC. The Leopards’ defender Nikita Shchitov and forward Vladislav Kaletnik held an autograph session for young sledge hockey players from all over Russia. The festival participants took autographs and selfies and talked with the hockey stars.

As part of the run-up to the international ten days of persons with disabilities, the FONBET Festival of the children’s sledge hockey league also included a class organized by the Paralympic Committee of Russia for the Festival participants and disabled children from special schools in the city of Sochi. The young hockey players with disabilities met with famous Paralympians, listened to their success stories and learned about the challenges on the road to major victories. The class included a presentation of one of the first GTO [Ready for Labour and Defence (RLD)] Gold Badges awarded in Russia to people with disabilities to the Fonbet Festival participant Liliana Sadykova from Udmurtia’s team.

The festival’s title sponsor is the Fonbet Bookmaker Company. Sponsors: Kontinental Hockey League and the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko. Media sponsors: Chempionat web portal, Sport Den za Dnyom sport media outlet, HOCKEY4KIDS magazine, Express-Novosti news agency and Sochi Obyektiv web portal.


Full tournament results:

Division No 1, The Fastest: 

1st place, Tropik, Tula (all-expense-paid ticket to European Sledge Hockey Championship 2020 and Snortle cup)

2nd place, Udmurtia, Izhevsk (150,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

3rd place, Yastreby, Orenburg (100,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

4th place, Krylia Sovetov, Moscow

Top Scorer, Artur Galstyan, Yastreby, Orenburg

Best Defender, Yekaterina Sautkina, Tropik, Tula

Best Goalkeeper, Igor Kozin, Udmurtia, Izhevsk

Best Striker, Kirill Gavrilov, Tropik, Tula

Best Player, Artyom Denisov, Krylia Sovetov, Moscow

The final score in the finals:

Tropik, Tula — Udmurtia, Izhevsk, 2-0

Yastreby, Orenburg — Krylia Sovetov, Moscow, 6-5.


Division No 2, The Best Scorers

1st place, Umka, Odintsovo (all-expense-paid ticket to KHL play-off, 2019-2020 season, and Snortle cup)

2nd place, Atal, Cheboksary (150,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

3rd place, Avrora, St Petersburg (100,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

4th place, Krasnaya Molniya, Krasnoyarsk

Top Scorer, Aleksandr Akimov, Avrora, St Petersburg

Best Defender, Nikita Shitikov, Krasnaya Molniya, Krasnoyarsk

Best Goalkeeper, Ivan Shestakov, Atal, Cheboksary, the goalkeeper of Russian National Children’s Sledge Hockey Team

Best Striker, Aleksandr Sobyanin, Umka, Odintsovo

Best Player, Mikhail Kozlov, Atal, Cheboksary,

The final score in the finals:

Umka, Odintsovo — Atal, Cheboksary, 3-0

Avrora, St Petersburg — Krasnaya Molniya, Krasnoyarsk, 8-0


Division No 3, The Best Strategists

1st place, Sibirsky Lis, Berdsk (certificate for crash training course and Snortle cup)

2nd place, Sibir Sledge, Novosibirsk (150,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

3rd place, Krylia, Saratov (100,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

4th place, Red Rocket, Leningrad Oblast

Top Scorer, Raphael Zinovyev, Red Rocket, Leningrad Oblast

Best Defender, Roman Panteleyev, Sibirsky Lis, Berdsk

Best Goalkeeper, Andrey Goncharov, Sibir Sledge, Novosibirsk

Best Striker, Aleksandr Borzykh, Sibirsky Lis, Berdsk

Best Player, Daria Stepovykh, Krylia, Saratov

The final score in the finals:

Sibirsky Lis, Berdsk — Sibir Sledge, Novosibirsk, 2-0

Krylia, Saratov — Red Rocket, Leningrad Oblast, 3-2 (b)


Division No 4, The Bravest

1st place, Mamontyata Yugry, Khanty-Mansiysk (all-expense-paid ticket to KHL stars match and Snortle cup)

2nd place, Spartak, Moscow (150,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

3rd place, Bashkirskiye Piraty, Ufa (100,000-rouble certificate for sports supplies and gear)

4th place, Torpedo Sledge, Nizhny Novgorod

Top Scorer, Yegor Zaitsev, Mamontyata Yugry, Khanty-Mansiysk

Best Defender, Gadel Sultanov, Bashkirskiye Piraty, Ufa

Best Goalkeeper, Mikhail Tomozov, Spartak, Moscow

Best Striker, Danil Belsky, Spartak, Moscow

Best Player, Ivan Burin, Torpedo Sledge, Nizhny Novgorod

The final score in the finals:

Mamontyata Yugry, Khanty-Mansiysk — Spartak, Moscow, 11-6

Bashkirskiye Piraty (Ufa) — Torpedo Sledge, Nizhny Novgorod, 7-0