Presidential award

Nov 09, 2020 at 13:27 •

In October 2020, two government awards were conferred on the Timchenko Foundation for a major contribution to the All-Russian #МыВместе [WeAreTogether] Mutual Assistance Campaign. Maria Morozova, the Foundation’s CEO, has been awarded a Merit Badge for Beneficence, and the Foundation a commemorative medal, For Donations to the Russian National #МыВместе Mutual Assistance Campaign.

What both awards mean for the Foundation is the recognition of the contribution of each and every team member to the anti-coronavirus cause.

In a situation where all social systems came under fire across the board, the well-coordinated response from the Foundation’s team led by Maria Morozova made it possible to set up and implement large-scale crisis management projects in next to no time.

In a concerted effort, the Timchenko Foundation and the Third Age Alliance set up the Help is at Hand Coalition to deliver relief to senior citizens, which boasted 241 non-profits from 59 Russian states by the end of the pandemic’s first wave. Since its establishment, the coalition rendered assistance to more than 81,000 people, as well as identifying 3900 “invisible” people on their own.

The Foundation implemented the Open Door affiliate relief programme; it supplied medical goods and CIZ [personal protective equipment (PPE)] to major non-profit networks; as part of the Foundation Plus Provinces project, it arranged PPE and financial donations for 16 states to deal with the gravest social ills; it sponsored the first online Combined Team to Russia charity tournament, entered into by the best grandmasters of this country. The Foundation’s founders made 3.2 bln rbl available to the anti-pandemic effort.

Crisis management projects were made possible by the involvement and concerted effort of many people: from the Foundation’s founders, affiliated non-profits and state governments to volunteers and businesses.

The All-Russian Mutual Assistance Campaign #МЫВМЕСТЕ was launched 21 March 2020 to coincide with the start of the stay-at-home period. The #МЫВМЕСТЕ volunteer body boasted 118,985 individuals, 9,402 affiliates, of which 2,088 are companies. In all, the campaign provided assistance to 3,450,646 people.