Public endorsement

Nov 25, 2020 at 19:25 •

On 25 November there took place the 17th Annual Best Practices Conference entitled “Annual report: the best practices of leaders and new standards”, organized by the RAEX agency (RAEX Analytics). The conference presented the annual report (AR) survey findings and ranking for 2019 and included a competition award ceremony.

The annual report of the Timchenko Foundation made the top five reports of charities and non-profits. There were also highlighted the reports of the charitable foundations Vera [Faith], Izmeni Odnu Zhizn [Change a Life], Nuzhna Pomoshch [Help Needed] and Zhivi Seychas [Live Now].

The annual report competition of RAEX (RAEX Analytics) has been held since 2005. Assessment is made every year of over 100 reports of national and CIS companies. The reports are assessed both in terms of content (the panel includes leading experts and developers of annual reports such as PWC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, representatives from RSPP [Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE)] etc.), and in terms of style (by heads of major design firms such as DDVB, Zebra Group, Volga Volga etc.).

The ranking of annual reports (AR) is presented at an annual best practices conference, which discusses the most relevant trends in AR content development and styling and the implementation of new regulations and guidelines in this area, as well as presenting awards for the best annual reports. In 2020, non-profits, NGOs and charitable foundations have for the first time been offered a special category called “Best practices in annual reporting by charities”.