Register (Database) of Evidence-Based Practices

Mar 17, 2020 at 14:33 • Family and Children

As of 17 March, entries are accepted for a new Competition called “Register (Database) of Evidence-Based Practices”.

The competition is designed to identify and support evidence-based practices for preventing and mitigating social orphanhood, fostering orphaned and abandoned children, and other aspects of childhood protection.

The Register (Database) of Evidence-Based Practices Competition is open to Russian non-profits and state and municipal organisations active in the field of childhood protection. The competition is sponsored by the Timchenko Foundation and run by the Klyuch [Key] Charitable Foundation.

Over the last few years, the Russian community of childhood protection professionals has been increasingly promoting the use of evidence-based approach to developing and implementing social practices. The evidence-based approach is essentially based on research methods for developing a practice, studying its effect and searching for arguments (evidence) demonstrating that the practice delivers the desired changes.

In 2018, the Childhood Programme Assessment Cross-Sectoral Professional Association developed Certification Standard for Childhood-Related Practices with support from the Timchenko Foundation.

The practical use of the Standard led to the creation of the Register (Database) of Evidence-Based Practices of the Timchenko Foundation. This sponsorship initiative consists in selecting and incorporating into the Register (Database) of Evidence-Based Practices promising childhood-related social practices that have been professionally validated by a third-party Expert Panel.

The competition is designed to identify evidence-based practices (programmes, projects) in childhood protection, promote the evidence-based approach of the sponsored practices, increase the organizational potential of entities, as well as developing the evidence-based approach in planning, implementing and assessing childhood-related programmes and projects.

Entries can only be submitted through the portal for childhood professionals at between 17 March 2020 and 16 April 2020. The entries will be shortlisted and evaluated by experts and the Competition Panel, and the list of winners will be made public 28 April 2020.

The winners of the Competition will receive:

  • bespoke guidance in producing a description of the practice to be implemented in evidence-based terms as per the Standard, and in identifying and putting together a body of evidence for the results of the practice entered into the Competition;
  • an opportunity to have the practice’s strength of evidence professionally validated under the methodology of the Standard;
  • public validation of the practice as evidence-based and its inclusion in the Register (Database) of Evidence-Based Practices;
  • expert advice on how to increase the strength of evidence;
  • assistance in promoting the corporate winner of the Competition and the results of the practices supported by the Competition;
  • eligibility for training on campus (all expenses paid by the Competition organizer) and off campus (webinars, workshops etc.) in the subject matter of the Competition;
  • eligibility for extra funding to implement an evidence strength improvement plan (based on validation results) elsewhere after the Competition.

For full information about the competition and a list of corporate winners, please visit:

Contact persons for all aspects of the competition:

Organizational matters, Olga Bortsova, tel. 8 (812) 777-03-57, +8 (921) 413-83-81,

Content-related matters (entry preparation etc.), Aleksandra Goryacheva, tel. 8 (965) 437-87-59,