Small Cultural Mosaic Grants competition kicks off

Sep 21, 2020 at 12:00 • Culture

Starting 21 September, entries will be accepted for the Small Cultural Mosaic Grants competition. This year it will be hosted by 13 territories in 5 federal districts (TsFO [Central Federal District (CFD)], SZFO [Northwestern Federal District (NWFD)], PFO [Volga Federal District (VFD)], UrFO [Ural Federal District (UFD)] and SFO [Siberian Federal District (SBFD)]). Entries will be accepted until 5 October; the competition winners will be named 13 October. The competition is sponsored by the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko.

It will be run by 13 projects from the Cultural Mosaic 2017 line-up: Fisherman’s Happiness, Top Secret – Tugach KrasLAG [Krasnoyarsk Timber Labour Camp], From 1 to 101, ZABORisty Museum, Zvenigovo Tourism, Bureau Usadba [Manor Estate Bureau], Nevyansk: a Space for New Ideas, Rural Tourism: from Village to Village, Pinega Fairyland, Tree of Life, ARTEMOFF Urban Culture Festival, Leader Network and Save the Face of Our City; they will hold the competition in their homelands for the first time. The winners of the competition will receive grants in the amount of 20,000 roubles for project implementation.

“Because of the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic, many projects could not grow as before, and they made their resources available for the provision of assistance to casualties and at-risk people. They not only demonstrated their resilience but also proved their ability to accumulate resources around them and become leaders of the local communities. Now that the crisis is over, they are full of ideas and willingness to grow, and Little Cultural Mosaic will provide a venue where the ideas can be implemented,” said Yelena Konovalova, head of the Culture programme at the Timchenko Foundation.

The competition is designed to get the locals involved in sociocultural transformations in their homelands, support the initiatives of local communities and promote culture-enabled regional growth.

We invite action groups, non-profits, non-governmental associations and local authorities from the Olkhon (Irkutsk Oblast), Sayansky (Krasnoyarsk Krai), Saraktash (Orenburg Oblast), Zvenigovo (Mari El Republic), Polessk (Kaliningrad Oblast), Pinega (Arkhangelsk Oblast) and Shpakovskoye (Stavropol Krai) districts, the Volgograd and Ivanovo Oblasts, MO [municipality] of the town of Berezniki (Perm Krai), g.o. [urban district (UD) of] Kyshtym (Chelyabinsk Oblast), and the UD of Nevyansk (Sverdlovsk Oblast) and Zaonezhye of Medvezhyegorsk District (Republic of Karelia).

The competition has three main categories: Living Space, Traditions and Development, and Cultural Outing. Each entity or action group may submit one entry only.

In 2018 and 2019 Small Cultural Mosaic was run by projects from the Cultural Mosaic 2015 line-up. The Small Cultural Mosaic Grants competition is part of the Cultural Mosaic of Towns and Villages federal programme, designed to provide cultural drivers for regional growth in Russia.