The Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko announces a second competition for projects to develop junior sledge hockey in Russia

Jan 10, 2018 at 21:01 • Sport

The competition is part of the Good Ice programme of the Timchenko Foundation and aims to improve the infrastructure of junior sledge hockey and the resources of teams.

Russia’s first children’s sledge hockey team was formed with the involvement of the Timchenko Foundation in 2013 and remained the only one in Russia and Europe alike until 2016. In spite of this, its members competed in many international tournaments and held their own against teams from Canada and the USA — countries where children’s sledge hockey has always been strong.

The popularity of sledge hockey in Russia gradually grew, those wishing to take up this sport kept increasing in number, and there were as many as 6 junior sledge hockey teams by 2017. The Timchenko Foundation continues to support initiatives for the promotion of children’s sledge hockey. The total funding available for projects to develop junior sledge hockey in 2018 is 15 mln roubles.

The competition is open to non-profits, including federal, state and municipal agencies with hands-on experience in sports and/or education. Each organization may only make one project bid.

For the competition entry form, guidelines on how to complete it, as well as additional details, go to the official website of the Timchenko Foundation at and the website of the Good Ice programme at

The deadline for competition entries is 6 pm Moscow time on 12 February 2018

The names of the competition winners will be posted online at and 20 February 2018. The entrants will also be informed of the outcome of the competition.