The Timchenko Foundation's fight against the epidemic and its consequences

Apr 07, 2020 at 14:55 •

Businessman and philanthropist Gennady Timchenko donated 1.3+ bln roubles to anti-epidemic measures. Purchases are being made of consumables and medical equipment. The Timchenko Foundation supports non-profits and calls for smart solidarity, having set up the Coalition called “Help is at Hand” to set up assistance at the neighbourhood level.

Gennady Timchenko has already donated more than 1.3 bln roubles as contribution to the anti-epidemic measures.

Procurement is being made of medical equipment (including ventilators and MRI scanners), as well as critical consumables such as face masks, gloves, antiseptics, protective clothing for physicians and paramedics, and care products.

The Timchenko Foundation has organized support for non-profits that serve the most vulnerable citizens: the elderly in care homes and PNI [psychoneurological facilities (PNFs)], the homeless, terminal patients and large families. Among the charities are Starost v Radost [Golden Years], Vera, Spravedlivaya Pomoshch Doktora Lizy [Fair Assistance from Doctor Liza], Nochlezhka [Night Shelter], to name but a few.

Without suspending its day-to-day activities, the Timchenko Foundation launches new anti-crisis programmes with the motto “It is all up to us!”. In tandem with the Serebryany Vozrast [Third Age] Alliance, the foundation has set up a Coalition called “Help is at Hand“. To date, the Coalition has been joined by 126 entities from 46 Russian states, as well as an organization from Kazakhstan.

The Coalition members are now identifying “invisible” senior citizens on a local level and setting up an assistance system for them by pooling the efforts of neighbourhood communities and setting up coordination with volunteers and social services. The project’s organizers help the affiliates to share best practices and supply them with teaching aids produced with the involvement of psychologists, geriatricians and other professionals.

Helping find and support old people living alone is not the only thing Help is at Hand does. Reports are already in on how we can involve the elderly themselves in online volunteer work – to coordinate search and rescue efforts, psychological counselling, production of safety masks etc.

The coordination and assistance system is built through local coordinators. Note that as many as several dozen associations have already sprouted under the Coalition’s umbrella at the state level.

Gennady Timchenko: “The bulk of our resources and efforts is being directed towards prompt support for those affiliates that are saving lives, providing preventive care and helping those in dire need. We want to make their [affiliates’] work possible and safe and are willing to work in harness with other stakeholders”.