Timchenko Foundation announces start of Focus on the Family Russian National Competition

Feb 07, 2019 at 16:56 • Family and Children

Timchenko Foundation invites entries for the first stage of the 4th Focus on the Family All-Russian Competition for organizations and non-profits, and central and local authorities providing childhood protection, as well as communities of foster parents from across Russia.

The purpose of the competition is to give the winners an opportunity to learn and apply new methods, tools and practices to support the family and children. Training is hosted by training providers– organizations that demonstrated the effectiveness of their practices as part of the Family Fairway Russian National Competition. The Competition is organized by the Family and Children programme of the Charitable Foundation of Yelena and Gennady Timchenko and is run by the Klyuch [Key] Charitable Foundation.

The Focus on the Family has been held since 2016. Over that time, 71 provincial organizations in Russia that won the Timchenko Foundation’s flagship Family Fairway competition have become training providers. They have provided onsite or online training to 55 children’s watchdogs from 24 provinces in this country that won the Focus on the Family competition. 85% of them said that they had found reviewing their hosts’ best practices interesting and useful for them.

The Focus on the Family Competition has two rounds. The first round is open to all interested organizations, central and local governments, non-profits and communities of foster families. The second round is for the winners of the first one.

The winning organizations will receive funding of up to 100 thou. rbl., will receive training in their chosen field, and will then be given a chance to put to practice their new knowledge and skills. Should an organization wish to apply the best practices studied in greater detail or scope, it will be able to take part in the second round of the competition. All those who successfully implemented their projects in the first round and demonstrated how their knowledge and skills had been employed will receive funding of up to 800 thou. rbl. for a period of two years, during which they will be able to implement and improve on the best practices studied.

The fields in which training is offered: orphanhood prevention through biological family management, preparation of children for fosterage and support for foster families, reorganization of orphanages into, post-orphanage support and adulthood preparation, support for the carers and consolidation of foster families etc.

If you decide to enter the Focus on the Family Competition, you need to choose a placement provider, and prepare and submit your entry.

“We are always involving competition winners in our events and projects, inviting them to workshops and conferences and trying to give them as much new information and as many new opportunities as possible,“ says Elvira Garifulina, “ Family and Children” Programme Director. “That is why participation in Focus on Family is also an opportunity to become part of an active community united by their commitment to improve the lives of children, enable them to grow and be raised in a family.”

Entries for the first round of the competition can be submitted between 4 February and 30 September 2019. The entries will be reviewed and the winners chosen once every 2 months or more frequently. Your competition entry must be sent in no later than 45 days before the study placement date. The round one projects are expected to be implemented over 6 months. The winners will be funded with 10 to 100 thou. roubles.


Contact information for entrants in the Focus on the Family Competition:

For the Terms and Conditions of the 4th Focus on the Family All-Russian competition and a list of training providers, visit

You can submit your competition  entry from your personal area at

Contact info for the competition operator:

Olga Bortsova, tel. 8 (812) 777-03-57, +7 (921) 413-83-81,

Marina Nesterova, tel. 8 (812) 777-03-57, +7 (921) 183-15-35,


The purpose of the competition is to provide an opportunity to learn to use new methods to support the family and children.