Timchenko Foundation at foster parent rally

Oct 30, 2017 at 17:51 • Family and Children

An all-Russian rally of foster families brought together foster parents from all corners of the country, federal and state civil servants and NGO representatives. The event took place in Moscow between 19 and 22 October.

The Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko was closely involved in the rally. Elvira Garifulina, head of the Family and Children programme, spoke 20 October at the event, describing the Our Stories foster family diary competition, which is run by our foundation. The idea to give the floor to foster families was born several years ago, and the first competition took place as early as 2015 and has been collecting unique and poignant works by parents and children ever since. The competition results surpassed even the most daring predictions of the organizers. This year has seen the publication of the book entitled “The Wrong Stork and Other Our Stories”, a collection of 432 diaries from the first competition. The 2017 competition is already over, and the winners will be named 24 November.

A video featuring the speech by Elvira Garifulina is available on our YouTube channel at 

21 October a series of masterclasses was taught as part of the rally on various aspects of the life of children and teenagers. One of them, titled “Child safety and security: how to measure and evaluate results”, was also given by Elvira Garifulina jointly with Tatyana Orchakova and Olga Yevdokimova.

For the Timchenko Foundation, it is particularly gratifying that the rally’s guests and masterclass teachers included quite a few experts from the organizations that had won the Family Fairway competition, who shared their own solutions and practices for working with children and teenagers.

You can see the rally’s highlights that we put together in our photo report here: