With, about and for people

Dec 09, 2020 at 09:40 •

“The Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko will mark its tenth anniversary on 9 December 2020 and invites its affiliates…”.

This is the way a statement about a major anniversary of our foundation could have opened in times of “peace”. When we were still able to hold parties and invite everybody to our traditional December meetings.

You can’t choose your time – it just so happened that we are gearing up to look back at ten years of our history and planning our next steps under the conditions of forced isolation and uncertainty. What gives us strength in this time of trial is our faith in people and in what they can do. After all, the Timchenko Foundation represents thousands of positive changes, made possible by the efforts, engagement and actions of people and communities.

Our tenth anniversary falls in dark times. And we want to support those who are the front line against the infection, holding the pandemic in check where the rubber meets the road, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. 10 families of medical professionals who succumbed to the coronavirus will each receive a million roubles.

Maria Morozova, CEO of the Timchenko Foundation:
Helping this year physicians, volunteers and social workers who turned out to be the real heroes of the fight against the pandemic, we more than ever understand the value of each human life and the importance of mutual support. Unfortunately, this war has claimed lives. And specifically the lives of those who were treating and saving others. To commemorate them and in token of solidarity with all medical professionals at the coalface, we donate 10 million roubles to the provinces, to help their families.

We are confident that the pandemic will soon be over, but dedication, mutual support and care are here to stay. The Timchenko Foundation will continue its efforts to support active people and communities, strengthen their solidarity and contribute to their assistance to those at greatest risk. We very much hope for success; after all, we can do anything, dear friends.

I congratulate all our associates — affiliates, experts, beneficiaries, volunteers and, last but by no means least, the Foundation’s team — on ten years of shared history!