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The flagship direction of the program «Culture» is the socio-cultural development of small towns and villages of Russia. Conducting competitions of regional projects «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages» and forming communities of creative and active people, we help small areas to reach a new level of development.
All the projects being implemented are aimed at involving local people in creative creative activities with the help of local sociocultural resources, which would improve the quality of their lives and contribute to changing attitudes towards small towns and villages.
Projects that receive support in other areas of the program help to maintain cultural ties both domestically and internationally, and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations.

We create conditions for realizing human potential and improving the quality of life of people in the province through creativity and access to a quality culture

We are developing a cultural dialogue between Russia, the West and the East as the basis for building good-neighborly relations


In our family, national traditions, cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage of our country are highly respected. We support this direction, because we believe: in history and art - not only the past, but the future of Russia.

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All-Russian competition «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages»
Russian Federation
«Cultural mosaic» - this is the largest project, aimed at supporting cultural initiatives of the Russian remote places. Since 2014, the «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages» from the grant competition has grown a whole line of acti...
Achievements 2016
Small towns and villages are more than half of all populated points in the country, and almost 40% of the population of Russia lives in them. The problems in these territories are often common: the able-bodied population
goes to big cities, the level of «human capital» decreases, many, especially remote settlements, often live in a survival mode, and their inhabitants do not know how, from which resources it is possible to go to the development strategy.
We create conditions for the implementation of cultural projects that allow Russian citizens to get acquainted with the best examples of national and world culture. In 2016 we helped theaters from small towns and villages, started a program for young theater and cinema specialists from Russian regions, traditionally supported major cultural events and helped to open virtual branches of the Russian Museum in small towns.

Federal and regional training seminars for the winners of the competitions «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages», three group and 14 individual internships

130 000

Residents of small towns and rural areas (of which 47% were children and youth) were involved in the implementation of the II All-Russian competition «Cultural Mosaic»


Theaters from small towns were nominated for the national award «Golden Mask» with performances of their performances in the Moscow theaters


Transfered paintings to seven organizations in four cities of Russia

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“Cultural Mosaic 2015”

All-Russian Competition Of Projects “Cultural Mosaic Of Small Towns And Villages”

Sociocultural Projects As An Engine For The Development Of Small Towns And Villages