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The «Family and Children» program works so that every child can live and be brought up in the family. We proceed from the fact that children who are left without parental care in the family are better than in orphanages and specialized boarding schools, because only in the family there is a natural socialization, the child receives vital skills of maintaining health and personal development, the experience of love and care, mutual understanding and support. Therefore, the program contributes, above all, to the preservation of children in blood families.

If a child enters a foster family, it is extremely important that at this particular moment, warmth and mutual understanding arise between him and the new parents. Foster parents must have strong parent competence. It is necessary that they receive quality consulting support, and that society perceives them adequately.

Filling the program with content, we rely on research findings, expert opinions and the results of evaluating program activities, including those involving children. Our experience in supporting foster children and families is being implemented in regional projects, supporting resource organizations, family unit centers, support services and «towns» for foster families.

Provision of material, social and psychological assistance to foster families

Assistance in raising the professional level of specialists working in the sphere of family organization

Piloting new effective models of the family device

Improvement of the legislative base of the Russian Federation and information work with the population


Children should grow up within a family; but, unfortunately, not every parentless child can be adopted and, for some children, the professional foster family is the best kind of family arrangement. We regard fostering to be an important constituent part of the overall system addressing the needs and environment of an individual child. We believe that the foster family combines love with professionalism.

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Competitions and Grants
All-Russian competition «Family Fairway»
The competition is aimed at supporting and disseminating the experience of practices with proven effectiveness in the sphere of family organization and the prevention of social orphanhood and the protection of childhood.
Achievements 2016
The Foundation implements projects aimed at promoting the theme of prevention of orphanhood and family organization: stimulates the interest of the media, supports research on orphanhood issues, participates
in expert work and discussions, introduces monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in the field of child protection.
The «Expert Infrastructure» branch forms projects to increase the accessibility and quality of expert support for specialists in the field of childhood and foster families, initiatives that help specialized organizations to increase resources and improve sustainability, as well as projects that create and disseminate methodological materials.

Children returned to blood families


Children are arranged in foster families


Children managed to be kept in blood families or to prevent refusals in foster families






Materials on the Internet came out within the framework of the contest of media projects «The Horse»


One documentary series «Adaptation»


Families received support

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Knowledge base
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