About the program

We make sports accessible to everyone, regardless of age, physical data and place of residence. The program «Sport» is aimed at popularizing a healthy lifestyle, creating favorable conditions and additional opportunities for sporting children and youth.

We apply a comprehensive approach, which includes the contest projects «Good Ice» and «Chess in Schools», the professional training of coaching staff and the release of methodological literature, as well as competitions and mass events that make sport an event in public life. A special feature of the program is a partnership with leading sports federations, experts and educational institutions, which ensures the sustainability of the results.

The program sets the task, which we will pay special attention to in the future work, to make sports more accessible for orphans, for children from low-income families, for «difficult» teenagers, that is, for children in difficult life situations.

Increasing the prestige of the profession of a children’s coach in the minds of Russian society

Organization of children’s hockey and chess tournaments to support the interest of the younger generation in sports

Construction and reconstruction of yard hockey grounds

Providing children’s household hockey teams with the necessary equipment, which for many people is not available due to the high cost

Development of Sledge Hockey in Russia

We are sure that children should be able to play in the yard in hockey and football. In Russia, the development of physical education has become one of the national priorities. And it's great! We support mass children's sports because we are firmly convinced: this is our contribution to the health and prosperity of the nation

Gennady Timchenko
The most important events
Competitions and Grants
Junior Sledge Hockey Promotion Projects Competition in the Russian Federation
For five years now, the Timchenko Foundation has been making efforts to promote junior sledge hockey in Russia, setting much store by social engagement of children and teenagers with locomotor dysfunction. As part of its Good Ice programm...
Good Ice competition
The Good Ice competition for children's hockey promotion projects competition has been running since 2012. It currently spans over four federal districts: the Northwest, the Volgian, the Far-Eastern and the Siberian.
Achievements 2016
The Foundation creates conditions for the development and popularization of hockey in Russia. We support mass children's, including hockey hockey, because this is the basis for the national big sport and just for the healthy way of life of the children of our cities and villages.
We want to make hockey available for every child, regardless of region of residence and health. For this, we are implementing a large-scale project «Good Ice», which includes working with children and coaches, competitions, research, creative competitions and many other activities.
The Foundation helps children's trainers improve their professional skills. There are educational programs, an annual conference is held, special literature is published. We also collect feedback from children and parents to timely adjust their actions and plans for the future.
The direction «World of Chess» unites projects to support and develop children's chess in the regions and hold major chess tournaments in cultural centers. The partner of the Foundation is the Russian Chess Federation.

Hockey tournaments supported

40 000

Viewers visited

31 000

Children took part in the chess and hockey events of the foundation


The teacher and children's sports trainers were trained in the framework of activities and projects of the foundation


New children's and youth teams are formed according to sledge hockey


In five new regions, the project «Chess in schools»

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