The Older Generation
About the program

The strategic goal of the «Senior Generation» program is to improve the quality of life of the elderly in Russia. The quality of life is a complex concept that determines not only the state of health, financial well-being, rich leisure, the circle of communication between an elderly person, but also public expectations, ideas about how we want to see ourselves in old age. This determines our attitude to the country and the state, including the willingness to have children and pay taxes. In order to achieve systemic changes in the social, medical and psychological protection of older people, we are looking for, developing and implementing effective mechanisms that can improve the quality of life of older people. We work with public opinion, helping society get rid of stereotypes and accept the ideas of active longevity. We cooperate with the expert community and contribute to the establishment in Russia of an interdepartmental system of geriatric care, long-term care and remote diagnostics. We support local initiatives to help older people and help spread successful experiences in different regions of Russia. Having a comprehensive view of the problem, working in partnership with leading experts and practitioners, the Foundation seeks to increase its effectiveness in helping people of the older generation.

Change in the attitude of society towards the older generation through information and educational and training work

Supporting the infrastructure of the non-profit and social sectors

Forming a comfortable environment that provides equal access to social and medical services for citizens of all ages

Financial and expert support to civil society initiatives

Development of their own social programs and projects using the best Russian and world practices


A developed society is unthinkable without the worthy old age of its members. This is a quality medicine, a rich leisure and the opportunity for every person to feel a full citizen, regardless of the date of birth. The task of our foundation is to change attitudes towards the elderly in Russia and make their life full

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Competitions and Grants
Active Generation Competition
The Active Generation all-Russian competition is designed to support projects put forward by non-profits and action groups based mostly in Russian towns and villages and aimed at providing assistance to senior citizens and actively involvin...
Achievements 2016
Summing up the results of the program for the past year, as a result and a reward for our common efforts, we will also present in this report some happy stories and fates.
Our efforts in the regions are focused on creating a sustainable system of supporting local initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of older people, especially in small towns and villages. We are looking for new resources in the regions of the Russian Federation for self-organization, as well as supporting long-term projects that work out effective schemes for solving specific problems relevant to older people.
In partnership with experts and regional organizations, we support initiatives that fill gaps in the social and medical services for older people and offer new solutions in this area.
1 450

A person was granted access to medical services under the project of remote monitoring of health

27 925

People got support and took part in events


Projects of the contest «Active generation»


Doctors trained in Israel for the development of palliative and geriatric care in the Shoham clinic and donated knowledge to 450 doctors and nurses


Operations to remove cataracts are carried out as part of the program «Watch and see»

to 2025

A strategy for the benefit of older people has been developed

23,6 mln.

Rubles - the total amount of co-financing projects under the program «Older Generation»

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