Achievements 2018
The annual report for the Timchenko Foundation is an opportunity to tell the society about its work: about the results, achievements and prospects for the implementation of programs, about the development and further aspirations of the team and partners of the Foundation. It is important for us that the report conforms to the best international standards, be reliable, informative and convincing.

projects were supported


share of projects from small towns and villages that received support (average value for all programmes)

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Older generation

34 long-term care coaches

from the regions completed a training course delivered by the specialists from Israel

76 social sphere managers

from the regions took part in international long-term care internships

1883 people

took part in educational programmes for geriatric care

60+ regions

took part in the Older Generation Programme events

32 vice-governors

on social issues took part in the Older Generation Programme events

100+ ministers

in the field of health and social protection took part in the Older Generation Programme events

224 projects

took part in the Active Generation Competition

927 applications

were submitted for participation in the Active Generation Competition

25,795 people

are direct beneficiaries of the Active Generation Competition

125,993 people

are indirect beneficiaries of the Active Generation Competition

36,000,000 RUB

funds raised in 2018 for projects implementation by the partners of the Active Generation Competition

> 2 million senior citizens

have the opportunity to receive help from trained professionals


the number of geriatrists in Russia rose 1.5-fold

77% of projects

within the Active Generation Competition have given rise to sustainable public initiatives

70% of projects

within the Active Generation Competition led to the introduction of new services for senior citizens

30% of projects

have given rise to entrepreneurial initiatives

Family and Children

4,536 children

have improved well-being

494 children

remained in their blood families

162 children

placed with foster families

266 children

placed with foster families

167 abandonments

prevented in foster families

13 expert events

and projects aimed at promoting this subject were conducted

7 working groups

representatives of the Foundation took part in 7 working groups to solve topical issues

69 evidence-based practices

were supported in 2018

20 events

to improve the professional competence of specialists and parents have been held

9 guidance materials

were prepared and distributed

21 organizations

implemented the internship platforms practice

3 villages

continue to receive support from the Fund


40,141 children

took part in all projects of the programme

348 coaches and specialists

completed training

116,975 spectators

visited hockey and sledge hockey competitions


sledge hockey teams in Russia

116 events

were held within the framework of "Dobryi Led" and "The World of Chess" focus areas

19,250 children

took part in hockey competitions and the Chess in Schools Project

865 schools

take part in the Chess in Schools Project

295 educational institutions

received gear and equipment


5,820 events

conducted at the local level

135,820,000 RUB

funds attracted for sociocultural transformations in small territories

196,506 people

attended events in rural areas

24,433 people

took part in the events (engagement)

600 initiatives

were supported

13 expert materials

having an influence on the promotion of the importance of small areas for the country development were prepared and distributed

23 expert events

were held to promote the topic of small territories development

2 guidance materials

were prepared and distributed

14 events

have been conducted as a part of training for experts within the supported practices

47 events

have been conducted in between practices from different territories

351 specialists

completed training

94 practices

were supported for the development of rural communities through sociocultural engineering


Making a decision regarding the development of a certain area in charitable work, we draw to a large extent upon own personal convictions. This is normal for the family foundation. For the same reason we keep monitoring the results of our work very carefully. Our foundation is, after all, not simply our pet project. It is also our social responsibility and we are responsible to all those people whom we are striving to help.

Gennady Timchenko
Economic indicators
program costs in 2018
Total expenditure
The Foundation's activities are conducted through programmes. Four strategic programmes — Older Generation, Sport, Culture, and Family and Children — are implemented within the framework of the Foundation's strategy until 2020.
347 mln rub.
266 mln rub.
Family and Children
94 mln rub.
Older generation
87 mln rub.
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