Achievements 2016
The annual report for the Timchenko Foundation is an opportunity to tell the society about its work: about the results, achievements and prospects for the implementation of programs, about the development and further aspirations of the team and partners of the Foundation. It is important for us that the report conforms to the best international standards, be reliable, informative and convincing.

Projects implemented in 6 countries


Regions of the Russian Federation


The projects were supported in the framework of regional competitions


The project was evaluated

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Older generation

1 450 people

Have access to medical services for the project of remote monitoring of health

27 925 people

Got support and took part in events

215 projects

Competition «Active generation»

10 doctors

Trained in Israel on the development of palliative and geriatric care in the clinic «Shoham» and transferred knowledge to 450 doctors and nurses

59 operations

On removal of a cataract is spent within the limits of the program «To look and see»

Until 2025

An action strategy for the people of the older generation

23,6 mln rub.

The total amount of co-financing projects under the program «Older Generation»

Family and Children

68 children

Returned to blood families

220 children

Arranged in foster families

85 radio broadcasts

Created by

130 materials

On the Internet came out within the framework of the contest of media projects «The Horse»

1 TV series

One documentary series «Adaptation»

1170 families

Received support


57 hockey tournaments

Supported by

40 000 viewers

Visited hockey tournaments

31 000 children

They took part in the chess and hockey events of the fund

163 teacher and children's sports coach

Received training in the framework of activities and projects of the foundation

3 teams

New children's and youth teams are formed according to sledge hockey

5 regions

In five new regions, the project «Chess in schools»


9 workshops

Federal and regional training seminars for the winners of the competitions «Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages», three group and 14 individual internships

130 000 inhabitants

Of Small towns and rural areas (of which 47% were children and youth) were involved in the implementation of the projects of the II All-Russian competition «Cultural Mosaic»

20 winners

Of the competition «Cultural mosaic: partner network» -prototypes of the centers of the socio-cultural development of small territories

3 theater

From small towns were nominated for the national award «Golden Mask» with performances of their performances in the Moscow theaters

16 people

From 14 regions received a scholarship to study at the Academy of Cinematographic and Theatrical Art of NS. Mikhalkov in 2016-2017years

200 pictures

Transferred to seven organizations in four cities of Russia


Making a decision regarding the development of a certain area in charitable work, we draw to a large extent upon own personal convictions. This is normal for the family foundation. For the same reason we keep monitoring the results of our work very carefully. Our foundation is, after all, not simply our pet project. It is also our social responsibility and we are responsible to all those people whom we are striving to help.

Gennady Timchenko
Economic indicators
program costs in 2016
Total expenditure
The Foundation's activities are based on a program principle. The four strategic programs «Elder Generation», «Sport», «Culture» and «Family and Children» are implemented within the framework of the Foundation's strategy until 2020. In 2016, the development of «road maps» began, in which the development plans for each program will be determined, their structure and interrelation of elements.
245,44 mln rub.
110,71 mln rub.
Family and Children
69,95 mln rub.
Older generation
54,79 mln rub.
Development team

Our team is united by common values: professionalism, aspiration for development, openness and mutual respect. The staff of the Foundation are high-level professionals, a united team, striving for effective implementation of the tasks assigned to it.

The Fund has a system of personnel assessment, within which each employee is assigned personal tasks for the year at the beginning of the year. In the middle of the year a preliminary assessment is carried out. At the end of the year, the General Director meets with each employee and presents the final evaluation, taking into account which the decision is made on the amount of the annual premium, tasks for the next year are planned.

First aid
In June 2016 the team of the Foundation passed the training course «First Aid» on the basis of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Moscow region of Noginsk. Following the results of two days, the employees were given certificates confirming the right to provide first aid to the victims.
«Green office» and development of ecological thinking
Since 2014, the program «Green Office» has been working in the Fund, reducing the impact of our organization on the environment. Within the framework of the program, we collect and transfer to recycling waste paper and plastic containers. Re-fill the cartridges for copiers.
Documents are printed only if necessary, as far as possible, electronic versions are used, two-sided rough printing and printing of several pages on one sheet.
Archive of reports of past years
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