Aged Faces of Russia special award

Mar 10, 2021 at 16:37 • Older generation

Ten years ago, when the Timchenko Foundation expanded into elderly care, the topic of old age and ageing was unpopular. Today, the situation has changed: there are now a great many programmes targeting third agers, and we have all seen their unique contribution to the life of society.

“Our senior citizenry share their expertise, knowledge and values with the younger generations. Those are the invisible threads that weave the social fabric, bringing all of us closer together. And we are very grateful to them for this. During the pandemic, however, senior citizens, classified as being at highest risk, found themselves forced to shelter in place. They were often lonely. Fortunately, there came to their rescue volunteers and just neighbours, who brought them food and meds, provided counselling and made reports to social services. And this is evidence that a society is emerging in Russia that makes aging less of a scare. Thanks to the photo competition, we can look our elderly compatriots in the eye and learn their personal stories. And hopefully understand and feel something important about yourself. After all, it’s not only about our past but also about the future — ours and our children’s,” said Maria Morozova, CEO of the Timchenko Foundation.

The Timchenko Foundation’s special prize is awarded in the category The Aged Faces of Russia as part of the Most Beautiful Country photo competition of the Russian Geographical Society for photo depictions of the life of senior citizens such as portraits, photo reports, scenes of life and other forms. The winner will receive a cash prize in the amount of 150,000 roubles to organize a photo-shooting tour of towns and villages across Russia. The project results will be displayed on the websites of the Timchenko Foundation and the Russian Geographical Society, at the annual Society for All Ages conference and other events. You can apply on the website of the Russian Geographical Society’s competition website by 5 April.