Annual report 2018

Sep 05, 2019 at 18:58 •

On the International Day of Charity, 5 September, the Timchenko Foundation presented its 2018 report. The annual report collates and summarizes the foundation’s analytics and financials, with the spotlight on the performance of four strategic programmes.

The 2018 report gives the foundation’s performance figures over three years; it lists the results of the foundation’s in-house and sponsored projects. This makes it possible to estimate actual performance. The foundation runs a large-scale operation and assesses it within a wider social context, reviewing the challenges and issues facing it.

A separate section of the report discusses case studies for each programme, which show the human effect of the projects sponsored by the Timchenko Foundation.

A new feature of the publication is its artwork concept, which fuses artist’s impressions and infographics with in-house stock photographs.

As is traditionally part of annual report preparation, the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation hosted public hearings, attended by 60 experts from the not-for-profit sector. The published version of the document has taken on board comments and suggestions from the hearing participants.

The Timchenko Foundation’s 2018 budget totalled 875 mln rbl.; 544 projects in all were sponsored to the tune of 794 mln rbl., of which the Culture Programme accounted for 347 mln rbl., the Sports programme — 266 mln rbl., the Family and Children programme — 94 mln rbl., the Older Generation  programme – 87 mln rbl. Administrative overheads correspond to 9% of the budget. Percentage of projects implemented in small towns and villages: 72.5%.

This year the foundation has published its annual report in the Russian and English languages as a smart pdf file and in a small run in Russian.

You can download the report here.