Anti-crisis measures

Mar 28, 2022 at 13:48 •

Timchenko Foundation allocates first tranche of RUB100m for anti-crisis measures.

The Timchenko Foundation’s crisis management programme has two prongs: emergency assistance to displaced persons and support for the Foundation’s affiliated entities.

The first tranche in the amount of 100 mln rbls will be disbursed to the affiliates that work with displaced persons, families with children and elderly people. The funds will be expended between March and May. The Foundation is conducting monitoring of the situation, and its findings will be used to decide on further support measures.

Besides helping displaced persons, the Timchenko Foundation launches a competition for affiliated entities that work with the most vulnerable demographics. The entities will be donated money as emergency assistance towards the acquisition of basic necessities and services as well funding for their current operations.

Maria Morozova, Managing Director of the Timchenko Foundation: The pandemic has taught to respond fast — we are now operating as a nerve centre and provide relief ‘right here, right now’ without interrupting our core operations.