HOCKEY FAMILY FEST hosting competition

Oct 15, 2020 at 12:00 • Sport

The Children’s Sledge Hockey League Independent Not-for-Profit Organization announces Competition to select the venue for the 3rd HOCKEY FAMILY FEST All-Russian Disabled Hockey Festival, which will take place in 2021.

The Festival is an annual federal hockey tournament for children and teenagers with disabilities and a major event in the world of children’s adaptive sports, which has been held since 2018. This is a public event, which brings together players and their parents, as well as their supporters. As is always the case, the Festival’s programme includes not only competitions between teams for the Snortle cup but also vibrant events such as: creative masterclasses, photo opportunities with sporting stars and theatre and cinema actors, a charity sale and educational events for parents and professionals. The Festival is the highlight of the year for sporting children and yet another opportunity to hone their game, meet with kids from across Russia and visit new places.

The first Festival was hosted by the SKA Hockey City (in the city of St Petersburg) in 2018, and brought together 230 people from 10 Russian states. In 2019 the Festival was hosted by the Sochi Olympic Park and entered by as many as 425 people from 16 Russian states. The year 2021 is expected to see more than 800 participants from all over Russia, from St Petersburg to Sakhalin.

The Festival’s main sponsors in 2021 are the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko and the Fonbet company as part of the Betting on Kindness charity programme.

Igor Baradachev, head of the Sports programme at the Timchenko Foundation: “In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic caused lockdowns and virtually all public events were cancelled, we could fully appreciate the role they play in the lives of all people and most of all children and people with disabilities. The Festival is not just a sports event but also a venue for meeting people, striking up conversations and making friends, which we all have missed so much this year”.

Entries to the Competition will be accepted between 15 October and 1 December 2020. Announcement of competition outcome: 15 December 2020:

The official results of the Competition will be published posted on the website of Children’s Sledge Hockey League.

The Competition will be won by the entry that will offer the best possible terms for the Festival, in compliance with the Terms of Reference. For more information about the Competition’s Terms and Conditions, terms of reference and entry form, please visit the website of Children’s Sledge Hockey League (